KegFit: Wolf Pack Halloween Workout

KegFit: Wolf Pack Halloween Workout

KEG FIT is starting up at Barbarian Brewing once a month! Join us on Halloween for a wolf pack themed workout in our barrel cove. Wear your best wolf shirts or wolf outfits.
$10 Ticket includes workout and free drink token (“recovery beer”). Walk-ins welcome.
KegFit is a “go at your own pace” circuit training workout…but here is the kicker. You’re in the back of a brewery with an old school Boombox with three 10-minute rounds using empty Barbarian kegs for a bit of weight, if desired.
The final round is a free Barbarian “recovery beer” or your favorite non-alcoholic beverage. You can go at your own pace, push yourself, chat with new/old friends, or take a nap. It’s all up to you to decide what you want out of the workout. KegFit is designed for all levels of fitness. All you need is your workout clothes, including your fav sneaks.
See you next Tuesday 🙌❤️
Also happening at Barbarian on Halloween:
~ Live, original music with THE ADALPE BOOTSTOMPERS 7-9pm.
~ JOKER’S BBQ Food Truck serving 5-8pm.
~ Wolf Pack Running Club at 7pm. Want to be really adventurous? Participate in the Keg Fit workout then join the Running Club for a greenbelt run.
Barbarian is open until 10pm on Halloween.
Witchy Pop-Up Market

Witchy Pop-Up Market

Gather your witches and warlocks and join us for a Halloween pop-up market in our brewery production area. We’ll have 15 local vendors, a BBQ food truck and jug band music with TRAVELIN’ MILES & HONEY BEAR!
Rockin’ Q BBQ
Travelin’ Miles & Honey Bear jug band duo (6:30-8:30pm)
Adventure Tails- Dog accessories
Arcana Natural Design- Plants and bath bombs
Arno Chocolates
Audrey’s curiosities- Festive decor
Bull Hatter- OOAK burned hats
Cactus Cult- Fashion leather harnesses
Cosmic Flourish- Tarot Card reading and calligraphy
Fire Aunt Studio- Tie dye pumpkins and scarves
Kume leathers- Leather bags
Lindsay Ray- Art prints
Maiyan Metals- Jewelry
Pansy and pedal- Fall flower bouquets
Pearlhouse Collective- Books
Ruby says Relax- Candles
Vervain Apothecary- Plant based apothecary
*Some vendors may have goods geared toward mature audiences.
Murder Mystery Night at Potter Wines: Halloween Costume Ball Edition

Murder Mystery Night at Potter Wines: Halloween Costume Ball Edition

Get your costumes ready: We’re introducing a brand new theme just in time for Halloween!
You’re invited to the Skull Manor Costume Ball, the time of year when the townspeople of Spider City let loose…perhaps a little too much…
Rumors of blackmail, thievery, and scandalous controversies have been circulating throughout the town’s grapevines. We all hope everybody can put aside their differences for a night of fun. If not, there may be misfortune on the horizon.
This is where your story begins!
Each ticket includes:
-One glass of wine or beer.
-Individual charcuterie plate.
-Two hours of fun, excitement and surprises.
-A host to lead you down a path of mystery, clues and suspense.
*New this Halloween: Costume Contest! We’ll take a vote halfway through the evening on who has the BEST costume. The winner will receive a special prize!
For more details and to purchase tickets, visit the Eventbrite link!
Thriller Dance Class + Parking Lot Flash Mob

Thriller Dance Class + Parking Lot Flash Mob

Have you always wanted to learn the Thriller dance and then show off your skills in a flash mob? If so, we’ve got the event for you!
Join us at the winery where you’ll be instructed by Kelly Dennis, long-time dance instructor and Thriller fan, on how to properly bust a move before flaunting your newly-mastered steps – Flash Mob style in the parking lot!
What to Expect:
-1.5 hours of dance instruction. (This includes a few breaks, as this is quite a physical dance. Luckily, you’ll be at a winery with lots of liquid courage!)
-Flash Mob performance. Following instruction, you’ll present the THRILL of it all as a group in the parking lot where you’ll have space to move around.
-Loads of fun.
-LOTS of humility and laughter.
What to Bring:
-Comfortable clothing – something you can really move in. Costumes and makeup are encouraged! Some ideas: Zombie face paint, white with red and black accents are typical colors used but have fun with it!
-Your best Halloween spirit!
*Ticket price includes dance instruction and all proceeds will go straight to the instructor for her time and talents. Wine/beer/cider can be purchased separately.
*Under 21 are welcome if accompanied by an adult.
Don’t want to go through Eventbrite? Call us to sign up over the phone: 208-793-1773.
Witches Paint Party at Potter Wines

Witches Paint Party at Potter Wines

Get in the Halloween spirit and paint with us!
Sip on wine while you learn how to create your own masterpiece! Don’t worry, the Angry Easel pros will guide you through it.
This month, we’re embracing our inner witch and putting it out on the canvas for all to see! Optional this month: Wear a fun witch hat to class to really get in the mood!
*Photo provided is the actual painting we will create.
Tickets required and can be purchased at
*Guests are welcome to bring in their own food/snacks.
Chili Meal Kit pick-up

Chili Meal Kit pick-up

You can’t get more locally sourced than this for a perfect Fall Feast curated by House of Creature! Centered around an heirloom blend of beans grown in the heart of Star, this chili kit is all about elevating the traditional with exquisite ingredients.

Your kit includes:

– A pound of heirloom bean blend sustainably grown and hand-harvested: Lina’s Sisco Birds Egg, Jacob’s Cattle, and Black Turtle.

– Chili seasoning made from a combination of farm-grown garlic and herbs but given a special kick with spicy New Mexican peppers Alcalde, Nembe, and San Pedro we’ve grown as a special project with Snake River Seeds Co-Op.

– (Limited batch only available in this kit) We’ve taken another batch of New Mexican peppers: Canoncito & Mirasol, plus our leeks, to make a tabasco style hot sauce with Oregon hot sauce artisan Marshall’s Haute Sauce.

– It’s topped off with a local cheese perfect for grating!

– But, what’s chili without the beef- so for this kit we’re thrilled to have women-owned and run Wilsey Ranch and their delicious wagyu ground beef, of which we’ll include 2 pounds.

– Recipes and entertaining ideas included with each kit!

– A bottle of Telaya wine! (You’ll chose the bottle when you pick up your kit.)

*Dietary accommodations are not available.

Garden City Has Links to Some of Idaho’s Spookiest History

Garden City Has Links to Some of Idaho’s Spookiest History


Garden City Has Links to Some of Idaho’s Spookiest History

Garden City’s location and history as a gambling town puts it at the crossroads of a number of colorful stories — a crossroads that leads to some of the spookiest stories in the state. So whether you’re gearing up for Halloween under a rare blue moon or getting ready to mark Día de los Muertos, get ready: We’re about to dive into tales of pioneers and one of the most notorious episodes in Treasure Valley history.
The Ghosts of Fort Boise

Major Pinkney Lugenbeel, a U.S. Army officer, led a cavalry company to what is now Boise in 1863 in search of the perfect site for a new fort. Lugenbeel and his men camped on Government Island in the Boise River, which eight decades later would become part of what is now Garden City. (The course of the river has changed since the 1860s, so the island is roughly where Joe’s Crab Shack is today.)

Once Lugenbeel decided on a location for Fort Boise — where the VA Hospital in Boise is now — Government Island remained a working part of the Army’s operations. Soldiers grew hay there to feed the fort’s many horses, inextricably linking the historical fort to modern-day Garden City.

And according to some people, Fort Boise’s long-dead 19th century soldiers have never fully moved on to the other side.

The Fort Boise Military Cemetery is home to 247 people, many of whom lived and worked at Fort Boise and Government Island between the mid-1860s and 1906. In 1906, the cemetery had to be moved because Cottonwood Creek flooded its banks and threatened the graves of the dead. The cemetery came to its final resting place, so to speak, on Mountain Cove Road in the Fort Boise Military Reserve. Burials continued until 1913.

Could some of Garden City’s earliest American residents still lurk in the cemetery? For decades, people have reported shadowy figures around the small cemetery (including this author, who was on an early-morning run when the figure of a man walked from the cemetery across the road and vanished among the sagebrush). The most well-known figures are that of a woman and small children, who can be heard playing.

Garden City’s Ties to ‘Idaho’s Jack the Ripper’

In the 1950s, Garden City was a riotous town full of bars and gambling establishments. It was a place to have a good time, forget your cares, and spend a bit of your hard-earned cash.

That’s exactly what Cora Dean, a recently widowed woman, was doing when Raymond Snowden approached her at the Hi-Ho Club (where 3933 Chinden Boulevard is now) in 1956. Unfortunately for her, it would be her last night on the town. When Dean turned down Snowden’s advances, he slashed her, stabbing her 29 times. The similarities between the viciousness of her murder and London’s infamous mass murderer prompted the nickname “Idaho’s Jack the Ripper.” She was found by a paper boy in the alley behind the club the next morning.

As a Garden City Police officer studied the killing, he remembered a man he had arrested who had threatened to kill his girlfriend in a similar way — Snowden. The police tracked Snowden down, discovered a bloody knife outside Hannifin’s Cigar Shop in Boise, and found witnesses who saw Snowden chatting up Dean.

Snowden was convicted, sentenced to death, and moved to Idaho’s Old Penitentiary in Boise. He spent the final year of his life 10 feet away from the indoor gallows where he would be hung in 1957.

You might guess that Dean is the ghost in this story, but Snowden is the spirit that is still said to be active at the Old Pen. In a bit of poetic justice, Snowden’s execution did not go according to plan — no one had been executed by the state since 1940, and you might say officials were a bit out of practice. Snowden hung from the gallows for many agonizing minutes before finally dying. He was the last man executed by hanging in Idaho, but he makes his presence at the Old Pen known by leaving visitors with an unnerving feeling, scratching them, or even speaking to them.

A Rare Event This Halloween

Halloween in Garden City usually features community events like Trunk or Treat, hosted by the Garden City Police Department, or themed events at the breweries and wineries that make up the Craft Beverage Corridor. This year, of course, is different — but the heavens will still make this Halloween extra special.

On Oct. 31, we’ll experience a full moon on Halloween, an event that happens approximately every 19 years. But 2020’s Halloween will be a blue moon, or the second full moon in a month. The last time a blue moon was visible worldwide on Halloween was an astonishing 76 years ago, during World War II! We won’t experience a Halloween full moon again until 2039, so be sure to take a few minutes to appreciate this rare celestial appearance.

Celebrating Día de los Muertos

The tradition of Día de los Muertos is not “Mexican Halloween,” as it’s sometimes called, but it is celebrated around the same time. This religious holiday has become increasingly popular in the United States, with themed costumes and events and even movies like Disney’s “Cora,” but its beautiful traditions and colorful iconography reflect a sacred practice that binds families with their ancestors. 

Starting on Oct. 31, families create altars to honor relatives and friends who have passed. Families clean and adorn graves, stand vigil, and leave offerings of favorite foods and drinks on final resting places or home altars called ofrendas. This celebration of life — a stark contrast to death-themed Halloween — continues through the Catholic holidays of All Souls Day on Nov. 1 and All Saints Day on Nov. 2.

In a typical year, Garden City businesses and organizations would celebrate Día de los Muertos with cultural events and parties. This year, however, we’d encourage you to honor your friends and relatives at home.

Do You Have a Halloween Story?

Have you had a ghostly experience in Garden City? We would love to hear about it! Please share your story in the comments section below.