Garden City’s Year-Round Charms

Garden City’s Year-Round Charms


Garden City’s Year-Round Charms

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Craft Beverages, Arts, Culture, and Holiday Magic.

Are you seeking a hidden gem for your next adventure? Look no further than Garden City, a 4.2-square-mile urban enclave between the City of Boise to the north, east, and south and the City of Eagle to the west. Just 1.6 miles east of the Idaho State Capitol, Garden City offers a delightful day of exploration, creativity, and fantastic craft beverages. In this post, we’ll take you on a journey throughout the year to uncover the charm and uniqueness of this oasis.


Experience Garden City's Holiday Magic

If you’re planning a holiday getaway, Garden City has you covered. Embrace the holiday spirit with special menus featuring seasonal favorites at Garden City’s dining establishments. Don’t forget to explore the boutique shops, where you’ll discover handcrafted treasures and one-of-a-kind presents for your loved ones.

For a creative twist, participate in holiday-themed workshops, from crafting your decorations to attending a play or enjoying an evening of country dancing. Garden City during the holidays is a magical place where you can make meaningful mementos of your staycation. Check out this treasure from the archives Gift Giver’s Guide Blog post.

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Cruise the Craft Beverage Corridor

Garden City is a haven for craft beverage enthusiasts, with a remarkable concentration of wineries, cideries, and breweries. The challenge here is not finding a place to enjoy your favorite beverage but choosing which will become your new favorite! Whether you’re into bold syrahs or refreshing pilsners, Garden City’s craft beverage scene has something for every palate.

Garden City’s Craft Beverage Corridor is a standout feature that beckons visitors year-round. With 18 different breweries, urban wineries and wine shops clustered within a few square miles, you can embark on a one-of-a-kind beverage adventure. Take your time to explore these establishments, chat with passionate brewers and vintners, and savor the distinctive flavors that define Garden City’s craft scene.

For those visiting during the holiday season, start your festive adventure in Garden City’s renowned Craft Beverage Corridor. Explore the town’s wineries, cideries, and breweries, each offering a distinct flavor profile to suit your holiday mood. Savor syrahs, sips of cider, or pints of craft beer while taking in the festive atmosphere. For a seamless journey, visit the Craft Corridor webpage on the Garden City Visitor’s Bureau website. This comprehensive guide includes maps, operating hours, and special offers to help you plan an unforgettable tasting tour. Cruise the Craft Beverage Corridor

Garden City offers a year-round events calendar that caters to various interests. There’s always something happening, from live music to arts and crafts workshops and unique culinary experiences. Be sure to check the Garden City Visitor’s Bureau website’s event calendar to make the most of your visit, whether you’re here to enjoy the craft beverages or immerse yourself in the local culture.

Check Out the Events Calendar

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Unleash Your Creativity

Garden City isn’t just about craft beverages; it’s also a hub of creativity that invites exploration beyond its libation offerings. When you visit, explore the “Where to Shop” page on the Visitor’s Bureau website, where you’ll discover a treasure trove of unique artist shops, second-hand stores, and more. Whether you’re hunting for vintage finds or one-of-a-kind artisanal creations, Garden City’s shopping scene has something to pique everyone’s interest.

As you stroll along the greenbelt, basking in the Idaho sunshine, keep your eyes peeled for hidden treasures waiting to be uncovered. Garden City has a knack for surprising visitors with delightful discoveries, so take your time and relish the experience. For those with an artistic inclination, Garden City offers a vibrant and welcoming space to unleash creativity. Artists have long been drawn to this enclave, attracted by its affordable rents and thriving DIY culture. Here, artists and makers are not just accommodated; they’re celebrated. Garden City is a wellspring of inspiration for visual artists, grassroots performers, artisans, and makers. Check out the Arts and Makers page on the website and unleash your creativity.

As you explore the town’s streets, you’ll encounter an increasing number of vibrant murals that adorn the buildings. These murals are beautiful works of art and a testament to the town’s commitment to fostering creativity and self-expression. From glassblowing studios to mosaic-making workshops, Garden City provides ample opportunities for art enthusiasts to engage their creative side.

So, if you’re seeking a destination combining the charm of craft beverages with a thriving artistic community, Garden City is the place to be. Explore its artistic offerings, support local creators, and take home a piece of the town’s creative spirit as a cherished souvenir of your visit. Garden City’s unique blend of craft, culture, and creativity awaits your discovery.

the creative space

Where to Shop

Explore Garden City’s vibrant shopping scene, where a diverse blend of small businesses and secondhand, antique, and craftsman shops awaits. Discover hidden treasures, unique finds, and one-of-a-kind creations in this eclectic shopping haven. Whether you’re a collector, a vintage enthusiast, or simply looking for something special, Garden City’s small businesses and shops offer a delightful mix of experiences waiting to be uncovered. Plan your shopping adventure today!


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Hotel Accommodations and Cozy Airbnb Stays

Garden City Lodging Choices: Luxurious Retreats and Nature Getaways

Regarding accommodation in Garden City, you have a range of choices to suit your preferences. Whether you’re looking for a luxurious retreat or a do-it-yourself adventure close to nature, Garden City has you covered.

For those seeking a luxurious staycation experience, we recommend booking a room at the Riverside Hotel. Nestled along the scenic Boise River, this tranquil oasis offers comfortable accommodations and serene surroundings. It provides the perfect setting for unwinding and enjoying the pleasures of Garden City. With convenient access to all the town has to offer, the Riverside Hotel is an excellent choice for those looking to relax and indulge.

Alternatively, if you prefer a more hands-on and adventurous experience, explore the numerous charming Airbnb accommodations in Garden City. These cozy stays will make you feel right at home while immersing yourself in this exciting locale’s natural beauty and local charm. Whether you opt for a stylish apartment or a rustic cabin, Airbnb options in Garden City offer diverse experiences that cater to various tastes.

Garden City beckons you to savor, create, and connect year-round. Its craft beverage corridor, artistic experiences, warm community, and holiday magic make it the perfect destination for a memorable day trip or a relaxing staycation. Your Garden City adventure awaits, so don’t forget to check the events calendar regularly for daily fun and discovery. Cheers to your year-round Garden City exploration!

art supplies on the wall at the potter's center

Discover the Allure of Garden City: Stay, Explore, Thrive

Discover the Allure of Garden City: Stay, Explore, Thrive


Discover the Allure of Garden City: Stay, Explore, Thrive

ABCs of Garden City

There is so much to love about Garden City. It’s an easy as reciting the ABCs.


There is so much to love about Garden City. It’s an easy as reciting the ABCs.

by Nick Jezierny, September 2023 Community Blog Contest Winner

A is for Arts.

Garden City is full of art, with so many galleries and creative spaces that there are too many to list but you can learn more here.

B is for Breweries.

And Garden City has a bunch of them. Check out Barbarian Brewing, Brown Beard Brewing, Clairvoyant Brewing, Idawild Brewing, Powderhaus Brewing, Twisted District, and Western Collective for craft beers and good times.

C is for the Corridor Surf Shop & Necessary Goods.

If you want to try the surf wave, SUP the river, or Quinn’s Pond, here is your place to get geared up and buy some cool merch.

D is for D&B Supply.

With everything from clothing, pet food, lawn and garden to sporting goods, D&B has just about everything.

E is for Expo Idaho.

Home of the Western Idaho Fair and other events throughout the year.

F is for Flipside Fest.

A three-day music and arts festival that includes local, regional, and national musical acts, amazing art, and other hip, cool activities.

G is for Greenbelt Market.

A great place for snacks, drinks, and people-watching along the Greenbelt.

H is for Heron Park.

One of the newer parks in Garden City features a grassy area, steps to the Boise River, and a covered picnic table.

I is for Idaho Pinball Museum.

Check out vintage and modern pinball games, tournaments, and other special events.

J is for J’s Ultimate Hand Wash.

Keep your ride looking clean at this car wash that offers a variety of washes and plans.

K is for Karuna Kava.

A zero-proof non-alcoholic beer and tea room for when you want socialization without the buzz.

L is for Luciano’s.

The Caffé along the greenbelt has a great patio, quality food, and an epic chocolate cake for dessert.

M is for Meriwether Cider.

You’ll be hard-pressed (that’s a pun) to find a better cider anywhere.

N is for North End Organic Nursery.

Gardening supplies, advice, and cool stuff.

O is for OMG Studios.

State-of-the-art facilities for audio, video, and meetings.

P is for Push & Pour.

Coffee, art, events, and the coolest staff await you at Push & Pour.

Q is for Quesadilla.

You can get some quality quesadillas at Barriga’s Mexican Restaurant, El Gallo Giro and Taqueria Las Brazas.

R is for Riverside Hotel.

There is always something happening at the hotel, whether it’s a show at Bar 365 or the Sapphire Room, a conference or live music on the Sandbar patio. It’s definitely the place to stay.

S is for The Stagecoach Inn.

A legendary spot with fantastic food, and a fun bar, and don’t forget to order a slice or two of the four cream pies offered.

T is for Telaya Wine Co.

With a patio right on the Greenbelt and award-winning wines and customer service, no trip to the GC is complete without a stop here. If you like wine, you also should visit Cinder Wines, Coiled Wines, Par Terre Winery, Potter Wines, Rolling Hills Vineyard Tasting Room, and  Split Rail Winery while out and about.

U is for U-Haul.

You’ll need to rent one when you decide it’s time to move to Garden City.

V is Visual Arts Collective.

A contemporary fine arts gallery, performance center, and cultural center committed to presenting exhibitions and events for artists working in visual and performance art, film, music, dance and theater.

W is for Wepa Cafe.

Authentic Puerto Rican cuisine with a fantastic roof-top patio make this a Garden City hotspot.

X is what you hope to roll at Westy’s Garden Lanes, a fine bowling alley and lounge.

For you, non-bowlers, X means a strike (knocking all 10 pins down in one roll).

Y is for Yardarm.

An outdoor surf bar constructed from a shipping container is open from April to mid-October. Don’t forget to order tacos from the boat to go with your ice-cold beverages.

Z is for Zero Waste.

Root’s Zero Waste Market is the first full-service zero-waste grocery store and café in the United States. Great organic produce, made-from-scratch food that is vegan and vegetarian friendly, and bulk food offerings.


Sip and Savor: Celebrate Idaho Wine and Cider Month in Garden City

Sip and Savor: Celebrate Idaho Wine and Cider Month in Garden City


Sip and Savor: Celebrate Idaho Wine and Cider Month in Garden City

Wine toast friends

Everyone should enjoy great wine. That’s why, during Idaho Wine & Cider Month, we’re thrilled to share numerous ways for you to sip, savor, and celebrate the incredible wines and ciders in Garden City.

Sip: Discover Where to Find Your Favorite Wines

Garden City’s heralded wineries and cideries are entering a new golden era, and there’s no better time to raise a glass to their continued success. We’ve curated a selection of new releases, upcoming events, and remarkable new spaces that should be at the top of your must-try list during this enchanting month.

Savor: Delight in the Flavors of Garden City

Indulge your taste buds in the exceptional flavors of Garden City’s wineries and cideries. Sample a diverse range of wines, from robust reds to crisp whites, and experience the craft of cider production. Every sip will take you on a journey through the skill and passion of our local artisans. Explore the art of wine and cider-making, and immerse yourself in the captivating stories behind each tasting room or bottle.

As you embark on your wine and cider adventure, you’ll be delighted to explore the enticing new spaces that have recently emerged in Garden City. From charming outdoor patios to elegant tasting rooms, each venue provides a unique ambiance that complements the exquisite flavors you’ll encounter. This town has more wineries, cideries, and breweries per square mile than anywhere else in Idaho!


Cinder wines

Cinder Wines, named after the volcanic cinder found beneath the vineyards, has been recognized as one of the top urban wineries in the West by Sunset Magazine. While indulging in the renowned Dry Viognier and Syrah from Cinder Wines in the comfort of your home is an option, securing a reservation for an exquisite tasting experience at their charming tasting room is highly recommended. Immerse yourself in a 90-minute guided tasting adventure for a group of six, and enhance the enjoyment with a delectable cheese and charcuterie board. To make a reservation, call (208) 906-0555.

Cinder’s 2020 Syrah ranked as the competition’s No. 1 wine at the Great Northwest Platinum Wine Awards. (You can check out all of their current releases here.)

Celebrate Idaho Wine & Cider Month with Cinder:

June 25: Q Morrow in concert at Cinder. 

Originally from Caldwell, ID, Q Morrow is a NYC-based guitarist who plays jazz, Latin, and Brazilian music.

Time: 6 pm (come early for food truck and drink specials!)

  • As a sideman, he’s worked with artists such as the Fugees, Lauryn Hill, Chabuco, and Liz Rosa, to name a few, and performed at venues including Carnegie Hall & The Monterey Jazz Fest.
  • He is currently on the faculty at Jay Zs RocNation School of Music, Sports, and Entertainment at Long Island University Brooklyn, teaching guitar, music theory, and aural skills classes. Q co-leads TRAQ ATAQ with bassist Sam Trapchak.
  • Tickets:  Click Here
  • Food truck:  Terroir (4- 8 pm)
Barbarian Brewing

Coiled Wines

Commemorate Idaho Wine & Cider Month with a relaxing patio sipping session, visit Coiled Wines.

Their charming tasting room feels like a second home, where you can peruse the winery’s complimentary Little Library, savor a delightful Dry Riesling or robust Black Mamba, and bask in the warmth of the summer sun. Coiled regularly organizes fun events, including art workshops, dance classes, and live music performances, so stay updated by checking their Facebook page for the most recent updates.

Celebrate Idaho Wine & Cider Month with Coiled Wines:

June 15: Pool Party Bingo!

Join Meredith and Alex for monthly bingo at Coiled Wines Thursday, June 15, at 5:30 pm. This summer, “pool party” themed game night will be a blast. This event is free, with many fun prizes! Bingo fills up quickly, so arrive early! We encourage you to bring friends, family, and your snacks! Visit Coiled Wine’s website for more information.

June 18: Father’s Day Black Mamba Special. 1 – 7  pm while supplies last. Visit Coiled Wine’s website for more information.

June 20: Summer Solstice Yoga. Join the winemaker, Leslie, for her inaugural yoga class at the winery! Summer solstice, wine, and yoga, what could be better for the soul?  All levels are welcome. Your $20 ticket also includes a glass of Coiled wine. Visit Coiled Wine’s website for more information.

June 21: Paint with Angry Easel. We love collaborating with Michelle at Angry Easel for paint nights! We firmly believe masterpieces are easier to create with a glass of wine! All levels are encouraged, 6-8 pm. Visit Coiled Wine’s website for more information.

Western Collective

Meriwether Cider

Mark your calendars now, because Meriwether has a full month of events to keep you busy!

Meriwether Cider is owned and operated by the Leadbetter family, a group of adventurous firefighters and nomads. Meriwether ciders are fizzy, refreshing, and delicious, each crafted with a hint of hops, blackberries, or ginger, without artificial flavors, essences, or sugar.

According to Meriwether, Cider has a rich history in the United States but almost vanished during Prohibition. They believe cider bridges the gap between wine and beer and is perfect for casual outings with friends or sophisticated dinner parties with in-laws. During Idaho Wine and Cider Month, be sure to stop in and check out the fizzy fun festivities at Meriwether Cider. You won’t regret it.

Visit Meriwether’s website and Facebook page for more event information.

Celebrate Idaho Wine & Cider Month with Meriwether Cider:

EVERY SUNDAY: Foothills for the Foothills (2 – 6 pm)
On Sundays, $1 of every bottle of Foothills Semi-Dry sold goes directly to Ridge to Rivers, the organization that maintains and protects the Boise Foothills trail system! WE LOVE THE FOOTHILLS!

EVERY TUESDAY: Trivia at the Cider House (7 – 8:30 pm)

June 14 & 21: Crafty Wednesdays (5 – 8 pm)
This is a weekly event where you can bring your craft or art project and join other creative folks in a relaxed and supportive atmosphere. Everyone is welcome, whether you’re a seasoned crafter or just starting.

June 15, 22 & & 29: Growler Thursday (4 – 8 pm)
Every Thursday, enjoy $5 off growler fills of every Meriwether Cider! 

June 18: Father’s Day Axe Throwing and Tacos! (Noon – 6 pm)
Treat your Dad to an unforgettable experience that combines axe-throwing excitement with the refreshing taste of handcrafted cider. Treat your dad’s taste buds to a feast from the renowned Big Beantz taco truck! Indulge in mouthwatering tacos filled with delectable flavors that satisfy even the heartiest appetite.

June 24: Live Music from Uncle Chris
Join us for folk & mountain tunes performed by the incomparable Uncle Chris.

Barbarian Brewing

Par Terre Winery

This small-but-mighty winery earned a silver medal from Cidercraft Magazine for its rosé collaboration with Meriwether Cider — and that’s just one of the many highly drinkable offerings that Par Terre’s husband-and-wife team puts out.

When temps warm up in June, reach for their celebratory Sparkling Rosé or crisp En L’Air White and enjoy it on the tasting room patio. 

The tasting room is open Friday – Sunday, noon – 5 pm. The winery shares space with the local arts organization Project Flux Dance

Celebrate Idaho Wine & Cider Month with Par Terre Winery:

June 18: Dad’s Day Dance Off. Celebrate Dad and all the humor, love, and sweet moves our positive male role models bring to our lives! Prizes are available for all contestants (brave enough to enter), and one Grand Prize for the man with the best moves! 

June 25: Tasting Notes with Project Flux. A unique event of creating and consuming art that includes a tasting of 3 wines and an intimate creative encounter with Project Flux Director Lydia Sakolsky-Basquill! $25 General | $20 Encore Club

Visit the Par Terre website and Facebook page for more information on summer events.

Western Collective

Potter Wines

Discover the enchanting world of Potter Wines, a locally-owned winery offering award-winning reds, crisp whites, and delightful rosés.

Immerse yourself in their friendly atmosphere, knowledgeable staff, and fun events. Indulge in the perfect blend of family, flavor, and hospitality at Potter Wines! Cheers! 

Celebrate Idaho Wine & Cider Month with Potter Wines:

  • June 16: Murder at the Luau
  • June 17: Market Day (Nampa Farmers Market, Boise Farmers Market, Capital City Public Market)
  • June 20: Caldwell Farm to Fork Farmers Market
  • June 24: Market Day (Nampa Farmers Market, Boise Farmers Market, Capital City Public Market)
  • June 25: Paint Party with the Angry Easel
  • June 27: Caldwell Farm to Fork Farmers Market

Visit the website and Facebook page for more information on summer events. 

Barbarian Brewing

Rolling Hills Vineyard

Rolling Hills Vineyard, a family-owned and operated winery, is renowned for its award-winning wines, including the prestigious double platinum and gold-winning 2018 Cabernet Franc. Committed to excellence, they offer a delightful selection to satisfy every palate.

However, their love extends beyond the vineyard to include a special place in their hearts for rescue animals. For over 30 years, the Pasculli Family has welcomed these furry friends into their home, recognizing the importance of providing a loving environment for pets in need. The family introduced the Mascot wine to support animal shelters throughout Idaho. With every purchase of this delicious wine, 10% of the proceeds are donated to carefully chosen shelters every quarter. By enjoying Mascot wine, patrons indulge in exceptional flavors and contribute to the well-being of shelter animals across the state.

Celebrate Idaho Wine & Cider Month with Rolling Hills Vineyard Urban Tasting Room:

June 25: Uncorked Chardonnay Release Party (Noon – 3)

Visit the website and Facebook page for more information on summer events.

Western Collective

Split Rail

Step into Split Rail Winery, where a new generation of wine enthusiasts creates exceptional Idaho-centric wines. With a focus on supporting local agriculture and a passion for exploration, owners handcraft limited-production wines sourced from vineyards across the Pacific Northwest.

Embracing minimal intervention winemaking, they allow the fruit’s natural flavors to shine. Through unconventional aging techniques and a spirit of adventure, they craft distinctive and exciting wines. Visit their spacious tasting room and experience the joy of their acclaimed canned wines. Split Rail Winery embodies the perfect blend of tradition and innovation, capturing the essence of the Northwest soil in every sip.


Celebrate Idaho Wine & Cider Month with Split Rail Winery:

  • June 20: New Vintage Wine Shop Tasting (5-7 pm)
  • June 21: Flowersmith Pop-Up (5-7)
  • June 23: Under the Table Wine Dinner
  • June 25: Cake +Sip – Mad Cake Skills (Noon – 2 pm)
  • June 25: Cake Decorating Class (12:30 – 1:30 pm)
  • June 27: Hyde Park Fine Wines Tasting (6-8 pm)

Visit Split Rail’s website and Facebook page for more information.  . 

Western Collective

Telaya Wine Company

On Telaya’s inviting porch, you may see two boys caring for the lawn—a key part of the winery’s story. Owners Earl and Carrie discovered the power of family while pursuing separate careers. During a transformative trip to Cabo San Lucas, they envisioned Telaya as a fusion of their love for family and wine. This allowed them to create a space where their passions thrived, and their children flourished.

Telaya has been a special gathering place since 2008, with award-winning wines and a reputation for excellence. Whether you’re a loyal customer or seeking a beautiful riverside experience, Telaya promises an unforgettable afternoon or evening by the river.

Celebrate Idaho Wine & Cider Month with Telaya:

June 16: Chenin Blanc Release. Get ready for a delicious new white wine they will soon add to the lineup! All Day event at Telaya Wine Co. 

June 18: Father’s Day at Telaya’s. Telaya will feature some local makers as a special treat for all the dads joining us! Come by early to take advantage of the amazing Kismet Kitchen brunch from 11 am-2 pm. Vendors, including  Slateroc Woodworx, 3 Sisters Meats, and Adventure Tails will be set up from 1 pm-4 pm and Telaya will serve wine from 11 am-6 pm.

June 19: Rhythm on the River. Every Monday in the summer Telaya will have local, live music playing and a food truck on-site. The festivities begin at 5 pm and start to wind down at 7 pm. Live music: Good Time Charlie | Food truck: Rockin’ Q BBQ

June 21: Pop-up Rhythm on the River. Sam Henry will join the festivities for live music on the deck & Kismet Kitchen will be serving up their delicious menu. The festivities begin at 5 pm and wind down at 7 pm. Live music: Sam Henry | Food truck: Kismet Kitchen

June 22: Tasting Night at Telaya. Tasting night happens once monthly after hours in the tasting room. Come to the winery 6 – 8 pm for an exclusive wine tasting!

June 23 – 25: Rosé Day Duel. Telaya will release two wines of the same varietal for the weekend and ask customers to vote for their favorite. The winning wine will then become available from that day forward. Don’t worry – the wine that doesn’t win will still appear in another duel after getting some extra time to age in the bottle. 

June 23: Pop-up #Sip2Give First Friday Event supporting the Boise Bully Breed Rescue. Telaya has chosen Boise Bully Breed Rescue as the featured Sip2Give participant! On June 23rd, Telaya will donate 10% of all online and tasting room sales to this fantastic organization. More about BBBR. 

June 26 &  June 27: Chandler’s Wine Dinner. This Dinner with Chandlers is So Nice – We are Doing it Twice! Five delicious food courses paired with five special Telaya wines – and the greatest hospitality in Boise. What a way to celebrate Idaho Wine Month! The event is $165 at Chandler’s Boise (981 Grove Street). Call 208-383-4300. 

June 29: Rhythm in the Vineyard. Enjoy great music in a beautiful vineyard setting. Live music: Bo Elledge | Food truck: TXV Nomad ID

Visit Telaya’s website and Facebook page for more information.


Barbarian Brewing

It’s Idaho Beer Month!

It’s Idaho Beer Month!


It’s Idaho Beer Month!

Celebrating the arts in February with Garden City Visitors Bureau

April Showers bring May Flowers and this month we’re celebrating Garden City’s renowned local breweries.   There are so many great places to sample craft beer and cider in Garden City that you could spend the entire day drinking ale and pounding pilsners. In fact, there are more wineries, cideries, and breweries per square mile in this town than anywhere else in Idaho. Get familiar with our craft breweries to get outside, enjoy a pint, and soak up some sunshine that we’ve all been waiting for!


Barbarian Brewing Taproom

While the rest of the ancient world was sipping wine, the Valhalla-loving brewers at the edge of the known world we’re delving deep into the hinterlands of taste — funky, sour, and savagely good. Barbarian Brewing honors the traditions of these wild creatures by handcrafting small-batch beers that go beyond the pale of mass-market brews. 

Grab your friends to enjoy a mix of all your favorite alcoholic concoctions at Barbarian Brewing Taproom. From beers to ciders to seltzers, IPAs, Lagers, Sours, Stouts, Belgian Ales, n/a Mocktails and more, Barbarian Brewing Taproom has it all! They offer beer flights from $16-25 and food provided by Kismet Kitchen Thursday – Saturday. And they always have room for your dog! 

Check out Barbarian’s great events to look forward to, like Game Night, Kolsch Night, which allows for you to enjoy a German-inspired night of dishes and take-home surprises, and their frequent new-release celebrations! Click the link to see what’s coming up on their Facebook! ​​Barbarian Brewing – Facebook


Bella Mosaica

Brown Beard Brewing

Try out Brown Beard Brewing Co., one of Garden City’s newest ale houses.  They have a signature selection of house beards, carefully crafted and a special selection of Brown Beard’s personal stash from the Captain’s Cupboard!. Since their recent Grand Opening, they are hustling to keep up with demand. They’re currently open Fri-Sat-Sun, with expanded hours coming soon.  You don’t want to miss out on these signature beers! 

Their social media Instagram-Brown Beard Brewing holds all the secrets to their weekend festivities, upcoming events, and new releases! Food trucks provide fine fare most weekends, and Brown Beard makes sure you can always have a good time! Bring your friends and your dog to enjoy the taste of hand-made fine ales, locally brewed by the best! 

Boise Greenbelt, Garden City, Idaho

Clairvoyant Brewing Company

Another great new addition to Garden City’s craft breweries is Clairvoyant Brewing,  where they are Passionate about Beer!  Clairvoyant offers some of the best selections on tap for every kind of brew you’re looking for and new drafts are coming soon, like their Dark Arts Stout and Highpoint Cider! They also have some of those hoppy beers and dark beers that are so original and made to accommodate you adventurous drinkers out there! 

You can see all their Events at Clairvoyant Brewing so you don’t miss out on Friday Game Night Trivia fun and other activities each week! Clairvoyant shares food trucks with Brown Beard Brewing to provide food for the whole family and your dog at this “kid and dog friendly” location!

Berserker Strength and Conditioning, Garden City, Idaho
Berserker Strength and Conditioning, Garden City, Idaho

Idawild Brewing Company

Idawild Brewing Company specializes in thoughtfully crafted, small-batch brews to satisfy both the adventurous beer-drinker and those who tend to stick to conventional styles. Their specialties are smooth yet flavorful hazy IPAs and crisp, easy-drinking kettle sours. They offer options that you can’t find anywhere else, and the ever-growing tap list is sure to have a perfect option for everyone in your crew!

Their tap list is never set, so you can try something new each visit. They’ve just released a new double dry-hopped hazy that’s got all the tropical fruits and flavors you’ve been dreaming about. They also brought back their IdaWaii Sour, which completely teleports you to the beach with each sip! 

Make sure to follow their social media for new events and new releases to enjoy with your family, friends, and well-behaved dogs! 

Instagram → Instagram – Idawild Brewing Co. 

Facebook → Idawild Brewing – Facebook

Berserker Strength and Conditioning, Garden City, Idaho

Meriwether Cider Company

If you’re looking for something truly unique, try Meriwether Cider Company, themissing link between wine and beer. It’s fizzy and refreshing like beer, but with an aroma and mouth feel sophisticated enough to bring to your in-laws’ swanky dinner party.”  You can learn more about the fascinating history of cider at Meriwether Cider | Our Story

Meriwether is THE destination for some of the best ciders in town. Beer lovers will enjoy their hopped cider, a blend of cider and the same hops you’d taste in your favorite IPA or Amber!  You can see their full selection on their website, then stop into the taproom on Chinden to be at the place where the magic happens! 

Meriwether is switching their Flagship Ciders from glass bottles to cans to make sure you can bring your favorite drink on any adventure, they also just announced their first non-alcoholic cider, Wild Abandon, a cider that shares the flavors of bright hibiscus, rosehip, lime, and juniper! 

They’re constantly coming out with new releases, so follow their social media, and take a look at their EVENTS – Meriwether Cider Company for trivia night on Tuesday and lots of live music! Stay connected for all their happenings at Instagram Instagram- Meriwether Cider and Facebook @ Facebook – Meriwether Cider Co. !

aerial view of a surfer at the garden city water park

Powderhaus Brewing Company

Check out the Alpine Inspired Powderhaus Brewing company! Specialty crafted beers made to deliver high quality taste and made in the image of outdoor enthusiasts. Be sure to get ready for spring and their newest releases during their manifest! This is the time to try some signature selections found  here → Powderhaus Beers, like their new Deadfall Amber or Throw Line IPA. Want something out of the box? Try the Hinterlander Coffee Porter! Powderhaus has a selection for any taste you’re looking for, so make sure you create your own adventure through Powederhaus and try out what they’ve got brewing for the spring season! 

They’ve also got an event calendar so you can know exactly when the fun really starts like their Mondo Music Monday’s every at 6 pm, or their food Truck-Rockin Q event all day where you can get some beer and food all while listening to some prime tunes and enjoying the sunshine. So download it, save it and don’t miss out on Powderhaus’ events. Head to their event page on their website for more details → Powderhaus Brewing Company | Taphaus

Western Collective

“Welcome to Western Collective, home to the best beer, vibes and experience in Boise.”

Known for their award-winning craft beer, boozy adult slushies, and incredible atmosphere, there’s something for everyone here!  Featuring three unique indoor spaces and a massive patio, Western Collective embraces the spirit of the west. Rustic decor, high ceilings, and community seating make this an ideal venue for parties large and small, and the “raddest place in the west.”

A crucial tenet of the Western Collective philosophy is creating a place for radical inclusivity. Beer enthusiasts can enjoy craft brews, like the award-winning chocolate milk imperial stout, Hidden Lakes Express. Avid beer-avoiders can find something tasty, too, like their classic boozy slushies, handcrafted hard seltzer, and house wine. They always have options for designated drivers, kids, and the morning crowd, with the full coffee bar.

Look here for their full Beer Selections, watch for their events at Our Events — Western Collective, and enjoy their full food menu available daily, with food trucks featured throughout the year!

Berserker Strength and Conditioning, Garden City, Idaho

The Yardarm

The Yardarm will become your neighborhood bar even if you don’t live in the neighborhood!

This is the brewery you’ve been dreaming of! This fantastic spot for upcycled beer and a great wine bar in the “beaches” neighborhood of the Garden City is only open seasonally from April through early October. It’s an experience you don’t want to miss, grabbing a fresh cold beer straight from the tap out of a storage container. Who says you need a shiny big building to sell some great beer?

Built out of new ideas and recycled/found objects, you’re invited to come claim a stool! The Yardarm was brainstormed over beers at the Corridor Surf Shop, a logical partnership!  It’s a “one off” project that supplies an experience you’ll remember, so don’t miss their limited season!  Their Instagram – Yardarm  site lists hours and special events, with updates on the daily action. This is the perfect place to soak up some sun and wave to the river floaters!

Western Collective

Twisted District Brew Co.

At Twisted District Brew Co. you’ll find a range of delicious beverages including craft beers, cider/radler, hard cider, craft cocktails, wine, and many non-alcoholic options.  They’ve got a popular malty beer that’s a good ol’e German-Style doppelbock, and a great coffee lovers drink honoring the Push and Pour Coffee shop, the Push and Porter.  This cold brew draft is perfect for when you want that extra kick! 

Twisted District has a regular menu of “shareables”, soups & salads, and too many “dog” flavors to list.  You can enjoy Brunch every Saturday & Sunday, and Happy Hour is Mon-Fri from 4pm-6pm, with $3 off of Beer, Wine and Cider; $2 off Call drinks; and $1 off Well Drinks!  Details of these specials and other delights are listed at Twisted District Brew Co. – Menu

Oh, and don’t forget about Events. Thursday Trivia will put that brain power to the test, where you can show everyone who’s boss! Wednesdays, Fridays & Saturdays they serve up music like dueling pianos and jazz piano, or your can dance around to some amazing artists and enjoy the classical ambiance of two dudes playing all your favorite tunes on the grandest instrument of all! Check out what’s coming up with their Events Calendar! 

Western Collective

For more information on what’s in store this month, see the website! →  Idaho Craft Beer Month! 

Plan Your Garden City Staycation With These Great Wineries

Plan Your Garden City Staycation With These Great Wineries


Plan Your Garden City Staycation With These Great Wineries

This must be the place

Looking for a way to get out and have some fun without getting too far from home? A staycation in gorgeous Garden City, Idaho, is the perfect place to start! And, of course, no staycation would be complete without an assortment of snacks and drinks–and if it’s wine you’re looking for, Garden City delivers.

Here’s how to plan your staycation and grab a few drinks along the way!


Garden City Wineries to Put On Your Itinerary

Ready to see where your Garden City adventure will take you? Here are a few wineries to mark on your map:

Telaya Wine Co

Nothing says “Garden City” like a view of the Boise River, and that’s exactly what you’ll find at Telaya. This winery doesn’t just have a riverfront porch; it has a tasting room, private tours, and even events like “Sip2Give,” which supported local organizations including Boise Black Dog Rescue and the Women’s and Children’s Alliance in 2021. Old-world inspired and Idaho-crafted, Telaya is the perfect first stop on any staycation.

Quick Tip: If you want a souvenir from your staycation–or if you want to surprise friends and family with a treat–check out the Telaya gift sets. These carefully paired wines make it easy to remember the taste of your adventure.


“Here’s to those following their own winding path!” That’s the spirit around which this local winery was built, and it comes through in every sip. Named for the Snake River Valley, Coiled makes everything “from vine to wine” right under its own roof. You can taste, shop, and enjoy a view of beautiful Garden City outside the huge windows.

Quick Tip: Wishing your staycation could last a bit longer? Coiled has wine clubs  complete with private parties, free monthly tastings, and more. It’s the perfect way to make Garden City feel like your own private retreat.

Rolling Hills Vineyard

Rolling Hills Vineyard isn’t just a wonderful a great way to enjoy Garden City. It’s also a unique experience combining Idaho and Washington grapes–a true taste of the West. You’ll taste award-winning wines, enjoy movie nights, and plan your staycation around “Idaho Wine Weekends.”

Quick Tip: One of the best things about the Treasure Valley is that your staycation isn’t limited to any one town. From Garden City, you can reach Boise, Meridian, and Eagle in just a few minutes. While Rolling Hills Vineyard has an estate in Eagle, it’s not currently open to the public–but there are plenty of other great things to see in this town, so don’t mark it off your list.

Staples of a Garden City Staycation

Of course, a true Garden City staycation doesn’t just have to be about drinks. Check out these other things to do while you’re resetting your palate:

Explore The River

The river is the beating heart of the Boise area. No matter where your adventure takes you, be sure to make some time for this stunning natural attraction–and keep an eye out for the birds, frogs, turtles, and other wildlife that also call Garden City home.

Enjoy Your Favorite Art

Whether you love painting, sculpting, live music, or another artistic endeavor, Garden City is the place to be. In between drinks, check out some of the area’s most creative minds and works in the galleries spread across town.

Take Pictures

Don’t forget to make those memories! Garden City has plenty of unique photo ops, from historical locations to candid shots at all those wineries. Be sure to share on social media so your friends can see how you made your staycation into something special!

Plan Around Events

Garden City–and the entire Treasure Valley–is built around a strong sense of community. That means there’s always a fun local event to enjoy–so plan your staycation accordingly.

Garden City is the perfect town for a staycation and a wine tour all wrapped up in one. Just don’t forget to slow down in between tastings and enjoy everything else the area has to offer!

Ready to begin your Garden City staycation? Check out our trip itineraries for a little inspiration!

Sip and Swirl Through Idaho Wine & Cider Month

Sip and Swirl Through Idaho Wine & Cider Month


Sip and Swirl Through Idaho Wine & Cider Month

We’re entering a new golden era for Garden City’s heralded wineries and cidery — and there’s no better time to raise a glass to their continued success than Idaho Wine & Cider Month in June. We’ve rounded up the new releases, events, and new spaces that should be on your must-try list during this magical month.
Let’s uncork some fun!


Cinder wines

Cinder’s 2019 Tempranillo earned a platinum designation this spring at the Great Northwest Platinum Wine Awards, and this ever-popular winery followed up that success with their fabulous spring release. (You can check out all of their current releases here.)

Of course, you can sip Cinder’s famous Dry Viognier and Syrah from the comfort of your own couch, but why not book a reservation at their tasting room, instead? A six-person guided tasting experience lasts 90 minutes, and you’ll have the option of adding a tasty cheese and charcuterie board to the fun. Call (208) 906-0555 to book your reservation — June should be hopping!

Barbarian Brewing

Coiled Wines

If you plan on celebrating Idaho Wine & Cider Month with a patio sipping session, pop into Coiled.

Their lovely tasting room is more like a home-away-from-home: Pick up a book from the winery’s free Little Library, sip a tasty Dry Riesling or full-bodied Black Mamba, and enjoy the summer sunshine. Coiled frequently hosts events ranging from art workshops to dance classes to live music, so check their Facebook page for the latest. 

Western Collective

Meriwether Cider

Mark your calendars now, because Meriwether has a full month of events to keep you busy!

June 5

Grab your most competitive bestie and head to the First Sunday Board Games Brunch, where you can compete and eat to your heart’s content. 

June 12 & 26

How’s this for a Sunday Funday? A couple times a month, Meriwether partners with Yoga 4 Life to create a best-of-both-worlds scenario: an invigorating yoga session followed by a refreshing Meriwether Cider. Yoga in the Taproom is just $20. 

June 22

Get ready for some serious comfort food, because you’ll be treated to plenty of it during Grilled Cheese Night. Take your pick from a variety of cheesy, toasty options and pair it with a cold cider. Perfection!

June 30

Enjoy a double whammy on June 30, when Meriwether’s Bluegrass Jam Session collides with Growler Thursdays. You’ll get $5 off a growler fill while listening to music that will get your toes tap-tap-tappin’.

Barbarian Brewing

Par Terre Winery

This small-but-mighty winery just earned a silver medal from Cidercraft Magazine for its rose collaboration with Meriwether Cider — and that’s just one of the many highly drinkable offerings that Par Terre’s husband-and-wife team puts out.

In June, when temps warm up, reach for their celebratory Sparkling Rosé or crisp En L’Air White and enjoy it on the tasting room patio. Check out Par Terre’s Facebook page, too, for info on summer events.

Western Collective

Potter Wines

Potter Wines makes highly drinkable wines that are super easy to enjoy — and fun is definitely the name of the game at Potter’s tasting room! Head there from 3-5 p.m. June 26 for a painting class with The Angry Easel. And no, you don’t need any experience to attend.

Just let the creativity flow (wine helps!). Tickets available for $20 per person through The Angry Easel

While you’re there, pick up Potter’s newest releases: A 2021 vintage of The Liquid Lunch, an unoaked Chardonnay, and a seasonal release of the cult-favorite Strawberry Jalapeno Wine Lemonade. The latter is available only through July 4, so be sure to plan ahead. 

Barbarian Brewing

Rolling Hills Vineyard

Talk about timing! Garden City’s newest winery will celebrate its first birthday on June 16. Owner Mark Pasculli says plans include plenty of food and a sampling of new wine releases, such as an unoaked Chardonnay, Moscato, and Riesling.

The birthday event is still in the works, so be sure to check the vineyard’s Facebook page and website for more info. You can also expect music on the weekends and a few barrel tasting events throughout the summer — and Pasculli says the vineyard’s new Frosé machine will be doling out icy goodness to combat the heat, too.

Western Collective

Split Rail

If you’ve been to Garden City in the past few months, chances are you’ve driven by Split Rail’s big, beautiful new space at 3200 West Chinden Boulevard.

The winery was still in the process of moving at the time of this writing, but that will be done and dusted by June — just in time to celebrate! (You’ll want to bring your friends, too, because the warehouse-like new tasting room has plenty of room for everyone.) While you’re there, stock up on Split Rail’s camping-friendly wine in a can, which Gear Patrol recently named its Best Splurge Canned Wine. As the author says, “While there are plenty of great wineries doing their thing in the Snake River Valley AVA, Split Rail is definitely having the most fun.”

Western Collective

Telaya Wine Company

Telaya is going all out with back-to-back Idaho-themed events during June. Visitors and newcomers, if you’ve been looking for a crash course in Gem State food and wine, this is your chance!

June 14: Telaya’s regular Tasting Night event will have a special Idaho theme in June, featuring only Idaho wines in celebration of Idaho Wine Month. Tickets are $30 ($15 for members) and include a tasting of five wines and an individual snack box. Tickets are available now on Telaya’s website. 

June 15: Telaya Bites with Kismet Kitchen will feature a Gem State theme, with Telaya winemaker Earl Sullivan and Kismet chef Aaron Wermerskirchen doing the hard work of creating beautiful pairings. This informal and intimate experience will include five two-ounce pours of wine with five Idaho-themed bite-size dishes. Tickets are available now

Barbarian Brewing

Garden City’s Biggest Beer Bash Is On!

Garden City’s Biggest Beer Bash Is On!


Garden City’s Biggest Beer Bash Is On!

You might think of spring as when the weather starts to warm and flowers poke their sleepy heads out of the soil.

But in Garden City, spring is beer season. 

Yes, it’s time for Idaho Craft Beer Month! Throughout April, you can pick up a pint and celebrate your local suds supplier — and in Garden City, there are so many beers available that you might actually need the whole month to try them all! Luckily, we’re coming in clutch with a giveaway that could make that endeavor a whole lot easier (check for details below). 

Here’s what’s going down on Garden City’s Craft Beverage Corridor.


Idaho Craft Beer Month

Enter Our Giant Craft Beverage Giveaway!

We’re celebrating Idaho Craft Beer Month by giving away a pull-out-the-stops staycation featuring your fave watering holes! This amazing package — our biggest ever! — combines beer and wine from Garden City’s craft beverage corridor, a staycation, tee times, and tons of swag!

Barbarian Brewing

This year’s Idaho Craft Beer Month also marks the opening of Barbarian’s brand-new taproom at 114 East 32nd Street. Co-owner Bre Hovley says they are working to get the new place up and running in time for festivities (check Barbarian’s Facebook page for updates), but the new beer garden along the Greenbelt is sure to be a new favorite for Treasure Valley beer lovers. 

In addition, Bre says you can expect four barrel-aged beers to be released on draft and in 500 mL bottles in April:


A 9% abv, spontaneously fermented red sour base, aged in various barrels and given a final rest with peaches.

Cherry Pie Sour

This 7% abv blend of spontaneously fermented barrel-aged sours is so tart that it warranted a heaping helping of cherries, vanilla, and cinnamon.

Maple Bar Stout

Barbarian blended a bourbon barrel-aged imperial stout with vanilla and 50 pounds of maple syrup to create this 11% abv brew.

Blitzkrieg B.O.P.

This 11% abv bourbon barrel-aged imperial stout is blended with bourbon, orange, and pistachios (hence the BOP).

Powderhaus Brewing Company

You might have to wait until the last week in April for Powderhaus’s big event, but it’ll be worth the effort. Marketing and Promotions Director Tyler Schmidt says their annual Maifest (that’s May Fest in German) will kick off April 30 and spill over to May 1. Look for daily specials, events, and vendors to populate the Powderhaus parking lot. 

Maifest will wrap up with a firkin tasting. “It’s kind of a culinary beer thing,” Schmidt says. “You can infuse flavors you wouldn’t normally be able to in a keg.”

You can find more details about Maifest and other Powderhaus events here.

Powderhaus Brewing Company

Twisted District Brew Co.

Twisted District always has about a dozen of their own beers on tap, but in April you can double the fun on Friday evenings! Owner Greta Mohr says revelers can enjoy plenty of belly laughs during comedy sessions from 8:30-10:30 p.m. every Friday in April. Plus, Twisted has booked a full slate of live music on Saturday evenings. (Only 21+ at these events, please.)

If you’d like to have a Twisted holiday, check out the brewery’s Easter Brunch on Sunday, April 17. Visit their website or call for more details.

Twisted District Brew Co

Western Collective

Western Collective is participating in Pints Up Idaho on April 7, but that’s just one of the many events on the schedule at this hopping brewery. If you love getting first crack at a new release, mark your calendar:

April 1: Peanut Butter & Banana Stout Release Party

April 15: It Takes Two to Mango Fruited Sour Release Party

April 16: Easter Egg Hunt & Party

April 22: Dessert Dreams Release Party

Western Collective

Mark Your Calendars:

Idaho Wine and Cider Month is scheduled for June 2022, and we know Garden City’s wineries and cidery are already making plans! In the meantime, you can start putting together your tasting room list by visiting our Craft Beverage Corridor page. We’ll have more details as summer draws near, so stay tuned.

Sip Your Way Through Idaho Wine and Cider Month in Garden City

Sip Your Way Through Idaho Wine and Cider Month in Garden City


Sip Your Way Through Idaho Wine and Cider Month in Garden City

For wine and cider lovers, Christmas comes in June. That’s when Idaho Wine and Cider Month, a statewide extravaganza of events and tastings, gifts oenophiles an excuse to truly savor the best of Idaho’s thriving wine industry.

Garden City — home to the renowned Craft Beverage Corridor — is home to seven groundbreaking urban wineries. In the Treasure Valley, these businesses have cult followings that wait expectantly for the next rosé or cab franc drop. Beyond Idaho’s borders, they’re racking up awards and long-overdue recognition. 

One of the best ways to experience the variety Garden City has to offer is by signing up for the Savor Idaho Passport through the Idaho Wine Commission. Typically, Savor Idaho is an in-person tasting event that features wineries from all over the state. This year, there’s a tweak because of COVID-19: Instead of attending a one-time gathering, you can obtain a free Savor Idaho Passport from any participating winery or the Idaho Wine Commission and use it all month long. You’ll get access to Passport-only specials and can send your filled Passport in to the Idaho Wine Commission for a shot at great prizes.

Here’s how you can sip your way through June in Garden City. 


Cinder wines

Cinder Wines, owned by husband-wife duo Melanie Krause and Joe Schnerr, was in the first wave of wineries to set up shop in Garden City back in 2008.

Since then, they have been lauded as one of the West’s best urban wineries by Sunset Magazine and wound up on restaurant menus throughout Idaho and beyond. For many local wine lovers, summer just wouldn’t be summer without Cinder’s Dry Viognier or Dry Rosé. Stop by Cinder’s first-come, first-served patio or book a 90-minute tasting for up to six people (charcuterie, cheese and chocolate — or all three — can be added for an extra fee). 

Barbarian Brewing

Coiled Wines

Winemaker Leslie Preston keeps pushing the envelope for Idaho wines: When she introduced Rizza, a sparkling brut Riesling, her first run sold out so quickly that she had to increase production. Using your Savor Idaho Passport, you can get your hands on a 2018 bottle for $30! Here’s what’s going on at Coiled in June.

All Month Long

Use your Savor Idaho Passport to purchase a 2018 Rizza for $30, a 2018 Translations Rosé for $20, or a 2018 Diamondback, SRV (Petit Verdot, Petit Syrah, Syrah) for $34. In addition, Passport holders can take 10 percent off a three-pack and Coiled Club members can take an additional 5 percent off in addition to their regular discount.

Western Collective

June 4th

Get creative during Coiled’s Intro to Modern Calligraphy – Brush Lettering from 6:15-8:30 p.m. at the winery’s Garden City Production/Tasting Room

June 12th

Sign up for more hands-on craftiness during a Spoon Carving Workshop at Coiled’s Downtown Wine Bar from noon-3 p.m.

New Releases

The newest additions to Coiled’s lineup are available to non-Coiled Club members by the glass or flight. Club members may purchase entire bottles. 

2019 Sidewinder ($30): A classic Idaho Syrah, with loads of smoky meat aromas and dark cherry, cranberry, and pomegranate fruit. 

2019 Black Mamba ($34): Pure Petit Verdot. As Preston says in her tasting notes, “This captivating, inky, and elusive wine had to have a name to match its personality. As the winemaker, I have been as mystified by the following for this wine as I am by the grape itself.”

2019 Merlot ($34): Preston says, “Coiled has never been afraid to champion a great grape and I am thrilled to now have a contract for this Merlot.”

Meriwether Cider

Meriwether is owned and operated by the Leadbetter family, four self-described firefighters, nomads and adventurers. 

Gig, Ann, Kate, and Molly make their cider with Northwest apples and other pure fruit juices. You might find hops, blackberries, or ginger in your cider, but no artificial flavors or essences, and no added sugars. It’s fizzy, refreshing, and delicious. Meriwether is known for its partnerships benefiting the community, such as Jupiter’s Cider, a recent collaboration with the Idaho Black History Museum.

Barbarian Brewing

Par Terre Winery

Travis and Mallory Walker met while dancing in a ballet company — hence the name of the winery — and their wines are just as elegant as a pas de deux.

In June, be among the first to taste their 2019 En L’air Red Blend, a mix of Cabernet Sauvignon, Syrah, and Merlot that contains a balance of acid and lush fruit. A portion of the proceeds will go to performing arts education organizations in the community. Also, you’ll now have extra time to spend at Par Terre’s tasting room: The winery has extended its hours until 7:30 p.m. on Fridays and Saturdays for the summer.

Western Collective

Potter Wines

Potter Wines are made for fun-loving, adventurous folk — and the owners bill their Garden City space as “Idaho’s most unique winery and tasting room.”

Try the Jalapeno Wine or Chipotle Jalapeno Wine (you read that correctly!), their Minx Cabernet, or their Liquid Lunch Chardonnay. Their GC location is available for drop-in wine tastings, or you can rent out the entire space for a girl’s night out or a birthday party.

Barbarian Brewing

Split Rail

Split Rail has made a name for itself with its clever takes on classic wines, like its 2019 Daft Punk Brut Rosé, a dry Sangiovese rosé injected with bubbles.

These wines are made to be enjoyed with friends — Split Rail offers several in cans, perfect for your next backpacking trip — and you can stock up for your summer festivities during June using your Savor Idaho Passport. Split Rail is planning plenty of events in June, so check the winery’s calendar for more info, including start times and tickets. 

Western Collective

June 1st

Wine dinner at BodoVino Ristorante at the Village in Meridian.

June 17th

Winemaker Virtual Tasting with Albertsons.

June 27th

Wine Dinner at The Local.

Telaya Wine Company

Back in the mid-2000s, Telaya owners Earl and Carrie Sullivan walked the beach in Cabo San Lucas and hatched a plan for an ambitious side hustle: a winery. They hoped their new venture, Telaya Wine Co., would eventually blossom into a full-time family business that would allow them to spend time with their kids.

They quickly outgrew their first space and built a gorgeous facility along the Boise River, building a rep among wine lovers for its airy tasting room and spacious patio. But the space is only part of the equation. Telaya’s wines, like its signature Turas, Malbecs, Chardonnays, and Cabernet Sauvignons, repeatedly garner honors. 

Telaya hosts frequent events, and June will be no exception. 
Barbarian Brewing

June 6th

Telaya and Boise Bite and partnering to create a pop-up restaurant at the winery. Each five-course dinner will be tailored to pair with Telaya wines and will feature a theme that will be announced as the date draws near. There will be only one seating at 7 p.m., so be sure to secure your spot

June 9th, 16th and 23rd

The winery’s popular Telaya Bites series features simple, delicious culinary experiences created by local chefs. Guests have the opportunity to enjoy Telaya’s beautiful tasting room after hours while winemaker Earl Sullivan and the featured local chef share their knowledge of food and wine pairing. This informal and intimate experience includes five two-ounce pours of wine paired with five bite-size food pairings. 

June 21 and 28

Each year, Telaya partners with Chandler’s for a special Idaho Wine Month dinner. This year’s event will be hosted at the restaurant and will include five courses featuring Idaho producers and ingredients, each paired with a Telaya wine. Check Telaya’s events page for more info as the date draws near. 

Pints Up! GC Is the Place to Be During Idaho Craft Beer Month

Pints Up! GC Is the Place to Be During Idaho Craft Beer Month


Pints Up! GC Is the Place to Be During Idaho Craft Beer Month

Barbarian Brewing
There’s never been a better time to hoist a pint in Garden City. As the weather warms and patios fill, the six breweries and cidery along the city’s Craft Beverage Corridor are gearing up for Idaho Craft Beer Month with new releases and old favorites. Ready to plan your own celebration? Read on for inspiration!


Barbarian Brewing

Co-Owner and Business Manager Bre Hovley says this boundary-pushing brewery has recently released an astounding 11 beers that will be available in April. Sour lovers, take note: You won’t want to miss this.

Barbarian Brewing

Danger Sunset

Danger Sunset, a spontaneously fermented sour blend aged in oak barrels and finished with strawberries and coconut that was inspired by the South Beach of Miami, 1986 (this one’s for you, “Miami Vice” lovers).

I Told You I Was Krieky

I Told You I Was Krieky, another spontaneously fermented sour aged beer that features “a freaky” amount of tart cherries.

Spawn of Barbarian

Spawn of Barbarian, a 2019 brew that was aged in oak barrels before huckleberries were added this winter. The result is “a true amalgamation of Idaho flora and fruit, perfectly fusing the tartness of the huckleberry with the acidity of the spontaneously fermented sour.”

Reserve Morrigan

Reserve Morrigan takes its name from the Celtic goddess of war and death who, legend has it, flies over the battlefield in the shape of a raven. This beer is a spin on the original 2015 Reserve Morrigan that Barbarian’s brewmasters crafted back in its early days. The 2020 vintage was aged in red wine barrels with juice from 50 pounds of Petit Verdot and 50 pounds of Petit Syrah grapes.


Valkyrie, which will make its debut in April, is named after the female warriors who flew with the Norse god Odin into battle. This farmhouse sour ale is infused with elderflowers and Sauvignon Blanc juice.

Mango Lassi

Mango Lassi, another April release, is a milkshake IPA inspired by the famously refreshing Indian drink. It’s made with Mecca Grade Estate malt and wheat, lactose, wildflower honey, vanilla beans, mango fruit, cardamom, flaked oats and rice, and Citra, Azacca, and Motueka hops and yeast purchased from Mountains Walking Brewery in Bozeman, Montana.

Western Collective

This brewery is beloved for its fun space and wide-ranging offerings — besides beer, Western Collective also sells hard seltzer, coffee, and boozy slushies. But beer lovers will be excited to learn that the brewery’s famous Hazy Series of IPAs is getting a new edition (Volumes 1-4 are currently available).

“The hazy series are some of my favorite hazies,” says Western Collective’s Corey Jolliffe. “The 3 and 4 are absolutely delicious and I can’t wait to try Volume 5.” 

The brewery also released Roca Jack, a lager IPA with a tropical blend of hops, in March. Keep your eyes open for new slushy flavors, too. Western Collective will have regular events like its Dueling Pianos series throughout April; check out the events calendar for more.

Western Collective

Powderhaus Brewing Company

Powderhaus’s Belgian-Style Quad has been aging in Woodford Reserve barrels for a year, taking on layers of whiskey and caramel notes in the process.

“It is so stupid good,” says Powderhaus’s Mark Schmidt, who runs the brewery with his brother and parents.

The quad is just one of the releases that will be available in April. Look for the Dortmunder, part of a German rotational series featuring German hops, and March releases such as the Dubbel Belgian-Style Beer; Schmidts and Grins, a doppelbock; and Hinterlander, a cold-brew coffee porter. Albertsons purchased the latter three, so keep an eye out in your local store.

This year, Powderhaus is expanding its space and adding a cold room. Check the brewery’s website for events like its Barely Civilized Workshops, where you can grab a beer and learn outdoor skills like knife sharpening.

Powderhaus Brewing

County Line Brewing

This brewery is a family affair, and its Garden City taproom is as welcoming as going to your buddy’s for a beer. County Line is known for brews like the Hayride Pale Ale, Ruth’s Lager, and the Slow Draw Oatmeal Stout (now all available in six-packs). Head to the taproom on Wednesdays for County Line’s weekly trivia night or support the brewery by ordering online and popping by for pickup.

County Line Brewing

Pints Up, Idaho!

Garden City isn’t the only place that will be raising its glasses in April — the whole state is celebrating our hoppy good fortune.

Pints Up Idaho, a statewide, collective pint day, will take place April 1. Participating breweries will feature commemorative pint glasses (usually available with the purchase of a beer). This year’s glass will feature a colorful, screen-printed design of the goddess of barley and hops, brought to you by the Idaho Barley Commission.

The pandemic has precluded Idaho Craft Beer Month’s annual festival, but never fear! Sign up for a curated beer box featuring unique beers from around the state. Orders will begin April 7 and will last for only a few days, so don’t miss your chance. The beers will be available for pickup (precise location TBA) the week of April 26.

Idaho Brewers United will host a virtual scavenger hunt on its Facebook (@idahobrewers) and Instagram (@idahobrewersunited) accounts in April — win and you could take home a prize pack!

Crooked Fence Brewing Co.

Twisted District Brew Company

Garden City’s newest brewery launched in December 2020, during the depths of the pandemic, but that hasn’t slowed this all-in-the-family operation down. It’s owned by life and business partners Ed Danti and Greta Mohr. Greta’s son Bud is Twisted District’s brewer and oversees its four tanks.

You won’t want to miss his unique takes like Hazy Pale, Teddy Loves Pils, Da Dunk’aDunk, Twisted Hefe, Push and Porter (made with cold brew from GC’s own Push and Pour coffee shop), and Rauchambo. While you’re sipping your brews, take in live music and try savory offerings from Twisted District’s menu like brisket and gorgonzola kettle chips or smoked buffalo brats.
Twisted District Brew Company

Head to the Idaho Craft Beer month website for more details.

The Gift Giver’s Guide to Garden City

The Gift Giver’s Guide to Garden City


The Gift Giver’s Guide to Garden City

Garden City is a haven for artists and makers — which makes it a one-stop shop for savvy holiday gift-givers! From beautifully made baubles to bottles of brews, we’ve rounded up the best places to score a one-of-a-kind gift for just about every person on your list.

With so much to see (and shop) this holiday season, why not make a weekend of it? The Riverside Hotel is offering a Warm Up to Winter Package that’s perfect for the occasion, including a Signature Breakfast, cozy robes and slippers, and a $50 food and beverage card. Plus, you’ll get access to the hotel’s spacious 98-degree pool — heated sustainably with off-grid excess power — and the socially-distanced deck. Be sure to ask for the package by name when making your reservation.

After a heady day of lounging and browsing, be sure to check out Christmas in Color at Expo Idaho, which will set the night sky ablaze with 1.5 million (yes, million!) lights. All you need to participate in this mile-long drive-through tour is your trusty vehicle. Tune in to the Christmas in Color radio station to enjoy a synchronized music-and-light show featuring a wonderland of giant candy canes, snowmen, and dazzling decorative arches. You need just one $30 ticket per vehicle to experience this sparkling show, which runs from Nov. 20-Jan. 3.

Now, are you ready to find the perfect gift? Let’s dive in!



Sustainably Stylish

Fluff Hardware

Fluff Hardware features of-the-moment designs crafted with hammered metal, chunky crystals, delicate chains, and stamped cuffs. Order online, catch them at one of their many holiday craft appearances, or book a stamped jewelry class and make your own gift!

Garden City Projects

Garden City Projects offers sculptural, modern takes on jewelry — exactly the sort of pieces your college-age niece or minimalist girlfriend would sport regularly. Pair a set of earrings with one of their glass trays for the ultimate cool-girl gift.

Foster Weld

For a gift that will last for decades to come, check out Fosterweld. The artisans at metalworking shop craft everything from bottle openers to belt buckles, keychains to custom vintage-style signs. Have an idea? Bring it to the shop (operating by appointment only) for a one-of-a-kind gift, or check out their online store.


Boutique Enthusiast

Suzanne Fluty Designs

Each Suzanne Fluty Designs ceramic piece is both down-to-earth and elegant, with washes of soft color and earth-inspired art. Choose a gorgeous mug as a lovely gift for the hard-working teacher who has been surviving Zoom classes on endless cups of coffee.

Lala's Fresh Pots

If you’ve never seen an agatewear design — one that mimics the fluid layers and swirls of its namesake rock — you’re in for a treat. Lala’s Fresh Pots specializes in this unique look (check out maker Kayla Morgan’s could-have-fooled-you agatewear earrings, too).


Art Collector

Zion Warne

For more than 20 years, Zion Warne has been at the vanguard of the Treasure Valley glass scene. He’s known for his swirling layers of colorful glass — but don’t overlook his special holiday-themed collection featuring sunglass-sporting snowmen, hand-blown ornaments, and blue-and-green pine trees.

Stover Glass

Museum-worthy vessels, delicate earrings, display-worthy glasses … they’re all available at the Stover Glass online shop. Artist Lisa Stover’s covetable creations are the result of 25 years’ worth of exploration into what glass can do (and at prices ranging from $25 to $300+, there’s something for every budget). 

Betsie Richardson

Artist Betsie Richardson’s oil paintings reflect big landscapes and little moments. You can pick up anything from stickers to holiday cards to gallery-worthy prints at her Etsy shop, or make a private studio appointment with the artist — Richardson takes commissions.

Madasci Studios

Artist and blacksmith Susan Madasci, founder of Madasci Studios, creates vessels that seem pieced together by invisible thread and colorful sculptures that appear to defy gravity. Whether you purchase from her online shop or choose something that’s made to order, you can be sure you’re gifting something that’s one of a kind.


Vintage Enthusiast

Studio 1212

Looking for something that’s truly unique? Go vintage — or vintage-inspired, like the handcrafted furniture at Studio 1212 that draws on the clean, futuristic lines of mid-century modern design.

Ricochet Home Consignment

Ricochet Home Consignment offers a doubletrack of goods, decor and clothing, including items from screen legend Maureen O’Hara’s estate.

Estate Sales Outlet

You’ll discover a wide range of treasures, from collectibles to antique silverware, at the Estate Sales Outlet Shop, which houses overflow from the business’s frequent events.

Assistance League Thrift Shop

Your gift will do double good at the Assistance League Thrift Shop, where proceeds from sales help to fund nine philanthropic programs.

Eclectic curio

The offerings at Eclectic Curio are as wide-ranging as the shop’s name implies — browse here for handmade ornaments and carefully curated vintage finds.


Beer & Cider Buddy

Garden City’s Craft Beverage Corridor offers a bonanza of gifts for the tipplers on your list. Tap into Powderhaus Brewing Company, County Line Brewing, Western Collective (which also sells a limited selection of house-made wine), Crooked Fence Brewing Co., Barbarian Brewing, and Meriwether Cider for bottles, cans, and growlers of the best brews in the state.

Powderhaus Brewing Company

County Line Brewing

Western Collective

Barbarian Brewing

Meriwether cider


Wine Sipper

Of course, the Craft Beverage Corridor isn’t limited to beer alone. Garden City’s fantastic wines are racking up honors — and you will, too, with the gift of a wine club subscription or a coveted bottle or four. Check out Cinder Wines, Split Rail Winery, Telaya Wine Co., Coiled Wines, Potter Wines, or Par Terre Winery.

Cinder Wines

split rail

Telaya Wine Co.

Coiled Wines

Potter Wines

Par Terre Winery


DIY Gifter

Quilt Expressions

What could be more meaningful — especially this year — than making your own gift? Quilters flock to Garden City’s Quilt Expressions, which has an astounding 7,000+ bolts of fabric to choose from at its store, online, or for curbside pickup.

the Twisted Ewe

Yarn arts enthusiasts will find everything they need at Twisted Ewe, which features skeins of gorgeous yarn from around the world, including Noro from Japan, Gedifra from Italy, and the shop’s own in-house brand.

Twisted Kitchen

If whipping up 500 cookies is more your style, head to the Twisted Kitchen next door and rent its fully-stocked commercial kitchen. It comes equipped with a convection oven, a spacious prep kitchen, massive fridges and freezers, and much more.

The Potter's Center

The Potter’s Center offers group and one-on-one classes for budding ceramicists and a range of beautiful supplies and tools for those who already know their way around a wheel.

Quality Art

Your artistic friend (or your elementary-age child) will appreciate a gift certificate or kit from Quality Art School & Art Supply, which stocks everything from Bob Ross kits to reams of colorful kraft paper and kid-friendly washable tempera paints.


To create a truly weird and wonderful gift, head to the Reuseum. This electronics supply and surplus store has a charmingly unpredictable stash of finds ranging from lab equipment to spare circuit boards that the tech-savvy and mechanically handy will find inspiring.

What’s your favorite place to shop in Garden City? Give us your recommendations in the comments below.