A Kid’s Perspective on Favorite Hangouts and Hidden Gems

A Kid’s Perspective on Favorite Hangouts and Hidden Gems


A Kid’s Perspective on Favorite Hangouts and Hidden Gems

young boy in a blue striped t-shirt in a stream, splashing water at an older girl an a two-toned blue swing suit
Discover Garden City through the eyes of its youngest explorers, Liam and Hadleigh Bostron! Dive into their favorite spots and see why this city has a special place in their hearts.


Ever wondered what kids love about Garden City? Let Liam, a bubbly 9-year-old, and Hadleigh, a keen-eyed 13-year-old, guide you through their favorite hangouts, from the luxurious Riverside Hotel to the tranquil Mystic Cove.

Whether you’re a local or a tourist, this heartwarming duo will show you the city’s best from a fresh perspective.

Bella Mosaica

Hi, my name is Liam, I am 9 years old, and I am in the 3rd grade. These are things I like about Garden City.


​1. I like The Riverside Hotel.

These are the things I like about the Riverside Hotel: 

  • I like the beds because they are so comfy!
  • The pools. There are 2 pools. One is inside, the other outside, and they are so fun!
  • The business.😊 [The people that work in all the businesses there.]
Young boy smiling, standing in a hotel room, one hand with thumbs up sign, other hand holding a beef stick, smiling


2. I also like going to the river and eating sandwiches; the food is good in Garden City.

That’s it for now. These are the things that I like about Garden City the most!

Hi, my name is Hadleigh Bostron, I am 13, in the 7th grade, and these are the things that I like the most about Garden City.


I like The Riverside Hotel.

One of my favorite things to do in Garden City is go to the Riverside Hotel. It is really a fantastic place to be. When you walk in there is a beautiful high ceiling with a huge chandelier. It’s got an awesome heated pool and delicious food. They even give you a cookie, and the band that plays while you are eating is cool. You can be an adult or be a kid and have fun there. That’s pretty much everything in Garden City though to be honest.


Young boy smiling, standing in a hotel room, one hand with thumbs up sign, other hand holding a beef stick, smiling

Mystic Cove

Another place I like to visit in Garden City is Mystic Cove. It’s a park with a big biking path but there is a trail that leads to a river. By that river is a bunch of large rocks and white as snow sand. You are like right in the middle of a city but in the middle of the wilderness with ducks and geese and frogs and crawdads.

Young boy smiling, standing in a hotel room, one hand with thumbs up sign, other hand holding a beef stick, smiling

Places to Eat!

I like that there are a lot of places to eat, and do fun things in Garden City, no matter how old you are or where you live.

Young boy smiling, standing in a hotel room, one hand with thumbs up sign, other hand holding a beef stick, smiling

 These are some of the reasons that I really like Garden City.


Young boy smiling, standing in a hotel room, one hand with thumbs up sign, other hand holding a beef stick, smiling

Discover the Allure of Garden City: Stay, Explore, Thrive

Discover the Allure of Garden City: Stay, Explore, Thrive


Discover the Allure of Garden City: Stay, Explore, Thrive

ABCs of Garden City

There is so much to love about Garden City. It’s an easy as reciting the ABCs.


There is so much to love about Garden City. It’s an easy as reciting the ABCs.

by Nick Jezierny, September 2023 Community Blog Contest Winner

A is for Arts.

Garden City is full of art, with so many galleries and creative spaces that there are too many to list but you can learn more here.

B is for Breweries.

And Garden City has a bunch of them. Check out Barbarian Brewing, Brown Beard Brewing, Clairvoyant Brewing, Idawild Brewing, Powderhaus Brewing, Twisted District, and Western Collective for craft beers and good times.

C is for the Corridor Surf Shop & Necessary Goods.

If you want to try the surf wave, SUP the river, or Quinn’s Pond, here is your place to get geared up and buy some cool merch.

D is for D&B Supply.

With everything from clothing, pet food, lawn and garden to sporting goods, D&B has just about everything.

E is for Expo Idaho.

Home of the Western Idaho Fair and other events throughout the year.

F is for Flipside Fest.

A three-day music and arts festival that includes local, regional, and national musical acts, amazing art, and other hip, cool activities.

G is for Greenbelt Market.

A great place for snacks, drinks, and people-watching along the Greenbelt.

H is for Heron Park.

One of the newer parks in Garden City features a grassy area, steps to the Boise River, and a covered picnic table.

I is for Idaho Pinball Museum.

Check out vintage and modern pinball games, tournaments, and other special events.

J is for J’s Ultimate Hand Wash.

Keep your ride looking clean at this car wash that offers a variety of washes and plans.

K is for Karuna Kava.

A zero-proof non-alcoholic beer and tea room for when you want socialization without the buzz.

L is for Luciano’s.

The Caffé along the greenbelt has a great patio, quality food, and an epic chocolate cake for dessert.

M is for Meriwether Cider.

You’ll be hard-pressed (that’s a pun) to find a better cider anywhere.

N is for North End Organic Nursery.

Gardening supplies, advice, and cool stuff.

O is for OMG Studios.

State-of-the-art facilities for audio, video, and meetings.

P is for Push & Pour.

Coffee, art, events, and the coolest staff await you at Push & Pour.

Q is for Quesadilla.

You can get some quality quesadillas at Barriga’s Mexican Restaurant, El Gallo Giro and Taqueria Las Brazas.

R is for Riverside Hotel.

There is always something happening at the hotel, whether it’s a show at Bar 365 or the Sapphire Room, a conference or live music on the Sandbar patio. It’s definitely the place to stay.

S is for The Stagecoach Inn.

A legendary spot with fantastic food, and a fun bar, and don’t forget to order a slice or two of the four cream pies offered.

T is for Telaya Wine Co.

With a patio right on the Greenbelt and award-winning wines and customer service, no trip to the GC is complete without a stop here. If you like wine, you also should visit Cinder Wines, Coiled Wines, Par Terre Winery, Potter Wines, Rolling Hills Vineyard Tasting Room, and  Split Rail Winery while out and about.

U is for U-Haul.

You’ll need to rent one when you decide it’s time to move to Garden City.

V is Visual Arts Collective.

A contemporary fine arts gallery, performance center, and cultural center committed to presenting exhibitions and events for artists working in visual and performance art, film, music, dance and theater.

W is for Wepa Cafe.

Authentic Puerto Rican cuisine with a fantastic roof-top patio make this a Garden City hotspot.

X is what you hope to roll at Westy’s Garden Lanes, a fine bowling alley and lounge.

For you, non-bowlers, X means a strike (knocking all 10 pins down in one roll).

Y is for Yardarm.

An outdoor surf bar constructed from a shipping container is open from April to mid-October. Don’t forget to order tacos from the boat to go with your ice-cold beverages.

Z is for Zero Waste.

Root’s Zero Waste Market is the first full-service zero-waste grocery store and café in the United States. Great organic produce, made-from-scratch food that is vegan and vegetarian friendly, and bulk food offerings.


8 Things Locals Love About Garden City

8 Things Locals Love About Garden City


8 Things Locals Love About Garden City

This must be the place

Want to tour Garden City, Idaho, like a local? Here’s a look at the town’s best-kept secrets and how to hit all the hotspots.


What's The Vibe in Garden City?

If you want to feel like a Garden City native, you need to know what the people are like, what they do, and what they’re looking for in their favorite little town. That way, you can blend right in and get to experience everything Idaho has to offer.

Here are a few of the top scenes you’ll notice in the Garden City area:

  • Art: From painters and sculptors to musicians and other performers, this is the place to be for local art. Creativity blooms in all corners of the city! Be on the look out for murals, art benches, and more.  
  • Food: Whether you’re looking for a snack, a nice meal, or a taste of your new favorite wine, you’ll find the best food and drinks in town. Everything about Garden City screams local because you won’t find a lot of chain resturaunts here. 
  • Family: Locals are nothing if not family-friendly. Kids and fur-babies alike will find plenty to do here. Speaking of fur-babies, if you’re looking for all the dog friendly joints– we have the guide to Garden City for pet parents.
  • Recreation: If you’re wondering why it’s called Garden City, look no further than the nature and recreation opportunities in town. Locals love to get outside and walk, jog, bike, and more.
  • Exploration: With Boise and the foothills well within reach, Garden City is a comfortable home base for all you explorers out there.

Garden City Attractions: Local Favorites

Ready to learn what makes Garden City feel like home to everyone who lives here? Check out a few of the town’s coolest attractions:

#1: The Boise River and the Greenbelt

Ask anyone what they love about living in the Garden City area, and they’re sure to wax poetic about the Boise River. From floating and fishing to swimming and wading, this winding blue gem is a perfect recreation opportunity for everyone. Locals especially love walking on the dog- and bike-friendly Greenbelt that twists through town.

#2: The Hawks Stadium

Want to catch a game? The Boise Hawks Stadium is the home for local baseball–and a great place to spend a warm summer night. There’s even a free Kids Club for the little sports fans in your life. When the Hawks aren’t playing, the stadium also hosts the occasional fireworks show.

#3: The River Club

The River Club was founded in 1917, making it one of Garden City’s gems and a historic country club. You can do a little bit of everything here, including tennis, swimming, golf, and more–and the club is proudly family-friendly, too. It’s positioned right on the Boise River for great views and great fun.

#4: Expo Idaho

Antique shopping. Car shows. The Western Idaho Fair. No matter what time of the year you choose to visit Garden City, you’re sure to find something going on at Expo Idaho, one of the area’s biggest and best event venues. Complete with grassy grounds, several expo buildings, and even barns and tracks, this is the perfect place to make Idaho memories.

#5: A Historic Hotel Remodel

Want to add a little history to your visit? Look no further than the historic Sunliner Motel–a 27-room motel built in the 1950s. With a new owner, a new name, and a new legacy on the way, the building is sure to become a new local hotspot.

#6: Pollinator Garden

Garden City is home to all kinds of wildlife–but thanks to the town’s special Pollinator Garden, locals and visitors alike can enjoy a little Bee City, U.S.A. Here, the whole family can learn about pollinators and how they help flowers, crops, and even humans.

#7: Surel’s Place

Artists rejoice: Garden City is the perfect home for creativity. Surel’s Place is a home and studio for creatives from across the country. Poets, painters, and other creators enjoy month-long residencies and host events for the community, sharing their experiences and finding new inspiration from the nearby river and Greenbelt. If you want a souvenir, you can also buy art to support these local artists.

#8: Boise Whitewater Park

Did you know you can surf in Garden City? It’s true–and it all starts at the Boise Whitewater Park. The area includes a man-made wave built into the Boise River, allowing adventurers to kayak, use stand-up paddleboards, and–yes–even surf.

Explore Like a Local

Whether this is your first journey to Garden City or you’re a long-time visitor, you’re sure to find a new favorite hangout when you explore the town like a local. From the Boise River to Expo Idaho and beyond, this town is proud of its community, its people, and its hotspots.

Request information today to plan your next big adventure!

Plan Your Garden City Staycation With These Great Wineries

Plan Your Garden City Staycation With These Great Wineries


Plan Your Garden City Staycation With These Great Wineries

This must be the place

Looking for a way to get out and have some fun without getting too far from home? A staycation in gorgeous Garden City, Idaho, is the perfect place to start! And, of course, no staycation would be complete without an assortment of snacks and drinks–and if it’s wine you’re looking for, Garden City delivers.

Here’s how to plan your staycation and grab a few drinks along the way!


Garden City Wineries to Put On Your Itinerary

Ready to see where your Garden City adventure will take you? Here are a few wineries to mark on your map:

Telaya Wine Co

Nothing says “Garden City” like a view of the Boise River, and that’s exactly what you’ll find at Telaya. This winery doesn’t just have a riverfront porch; it has a tasting room, private tours, and even events like “Sip2Give,” which supported local organizations including Boise Black Dog Rescue and the Women’s and Children’s Alliance in 2021. Old-world inspired and Idaho-crafted, Telaya is the perfect first stop on any staycation.

Quick Tip: If you want a souvenir from your staycation–or if you want to surprise friends and family with a treat–check out the Telaya gift sets. These carefully paired wines make it easy to remember the taste of your adventure.


“Here’s to those following their own winding path!” That’s the spirit around which this local winery was built, and it comes through in every sip. Named for the Snake River Valley, Coiled makes everything “from vine to wine” right under its own roof. You can taste, shop, and enjoy a view of beautiful Garden City outside the huge windows.

Quick Tip: Wishing your staycation could last a bit longer? Coiled has wine clubs  complete with private parties, free monthly tastings, and more. It’s the perfect way to make Garden City feel like your own private retreat.

Rolling Hills Vineyard

Rolling Hills Vineyard isn’t just a wonderful a great way to enjoy Garden City. It’s also a unique experience combining Idaho and Washington grapes–a true taste of the West. You’ll taste award-winning wines, enjoy movie nights, and plan your staycation around “Idaho Wine Weekends.”

Quick Tip: One of the best things about the Treasure Valley is that your staycation isn’t limited to any one town. From Garden City, you can reach Boise, Meridian, and Eagle in just a few minutes. While Rolling Hills Vineyard has an estate in Eagle, it’s not currently open to the public–but there are plenty of other great things to see in this town, so don’t mark it off your list.

Staples of a Garden City Staycation

Of course, a true Garden City staycation doesn’t just have to be about drinks. Check out these other things to do while you’re resetting your palate:

Explore The River

The river is the beating heart of the Boise area. No matter where your adventure takes you, be sure to make some time for this stunning natural attraction–and keep an eye out for the birds, frogs, turtles, and other wildlife that also call Garden City home.

Enjoy Your Favorite Art

Whether you love painting, sculpting, live music, or another artistic endeavor, Garden City is the place to be. In between drinks, check out some of the area’s most creative minds and works in the galleries spread across town.

Take Pictures

Don’t forget to make those memories! Garden City has plenty of unique photo ops, from historical locations to candid shots at all those wineries. Be sure to share on social media so your friends can see how you made your staycation into something special!

Plan Around Events

Garden City–and the entire Treasure Valley–is built around a strong sense of community. That means there’s always a fun local event to enjoy–so plan your staycation accordingly.

Garden City is the perfect town for a staycation and a wine tour all wrapped up in one. Just don’t forget to slow down in between tastings and enjoy everything else the area has to offer!

Ready to begin your Garden City staycation? Check out our trip itineraries for a little inspiration!

Fall In Love With Garden City This Winter

Fall In Love With Garden City This Winter


Fall In Love With Garden City This Winter

Barbarian Brewing

You can stop looking for love in all the wrong places. In Garden City, there’s an experience just waiting to woo you around every corner! This winter, treat your love (or yourself) to a staycation or excursion that will turn even the grayest skies blue for a bit. You’ll find yourself falling in love with our magical little oasis — and emerge from wintry weather pampered, rested, and ready for the hubbub of spring.



Woo Your Love With Art and Music

You’re bound to find the perfect gift for your SO through one of Garden City’s artists and makers — plus, they offer endless opportunities for an out-of-the-box date night (glass blowing classes, perhaps?). Be sure to check out artist Stewart Holland’s works at the Visual Arts Collective starting Feb. 4, which marks the VAC’s first opening of the year. 

Music lovers, take note: The Sapphire Room is offering back-to-back concert runs that are sure to fire up some fun. Petty Fever — a Tom Petty tribute band, of course — will play both Feb. 12-13. Or relive those prom memories with classic rock from Last Call on Feb. 14! Purchasing tickets for these events makes you eligible for the Sapphire Getaway package at the Riverside Hotel, which includes a double room and breakfast for two. 

Audiophiles can continue the fun into March, when Boise’s Treefort Music Fest takes place between March 23-27. This super popular festival is celebrating its 10th season, and it’s sure to be a blowout — concerts from the legendary Kim Gordon, Joshy Soul, Deerhoof, Durand Jones and the Indications, and literally hundreds more performers. Treefort takes place at locations throughout Boise, which makes the Riverside Hotel and Garden City the home base. Everything you’ll want to experience is just a short walk or bike ride away!

Barbarian Brewing

Sweets for Your Sweet

Here’s an insider tip: Garden City is home to some of the best bakeries in Southwest Idaho. Wildflour Bakery has been churning out its famous, just-slightly-oversized cookies for two decades now, plus scones, cakes, and other temptations that are perfect for an at-home breakfast or morning coffee date in their cafe. Score bonus points by taking home Wildflour’s sinful flourless cake for your Valentine’s Day dessert. 

Pastry Perfection is the OG Garden City bakery, a wonderfully old-school shop that sells everything from bagels to buttermilk bars to butternut coffee cakes. To really impress your sweet, order a dozen customized sugar cookies or book one of their famous cakes or cupcakes with your Valentine’s Day message emblazoned across the top. Plus, this bakery delivers! Visit their site or call for details. 

If bread is your significant other’s love language, you’re in luck. Acme Bakeshop churns out the most delicious, beautiful loaves you’ve ever seen — crusty on the outside, full of flavor and the perfect bite on the inside. No wonder it is the go-to bread for some of the Valley’s best restaurants. Grab a loaf of olive-oil laced Rosemary Sea Salt Focaccia or Roasted Garlic Sourdough at the Boise Co-Op or Lark & Larder, the two locations where this Garden City business regularly delivers bread for purchase. 

Western Collective

Wine and Beer and Roses

The city’s famed Craft Beverage Corridor is packed with wineries and breweries that offer unique events, cozy tasting rooms, and even local food experiences. The fun-loving folks at Potter Wines will host a Valentine’s Day-themed murder mystery on Feb. 11 (be sure to call in advance to book so you can properly prep) and a Sip & Paint event on February 13. Twisted District Brew Co. will be offering their own Paint Night on February 14, too. Cinder Wines will be offering a special red wine and chocolate pairing; call or head to their website for more details. 

Coiled Wines has two V-Day events on tap: An adult-themed Lover’s Bingo on Feb. 11, featuring charcuterie from Roots Zero Waste Market and local wines, and live indie/folk music from Wes Schlagenhauf on Feb. 12. Call Coiled or check their website for more details. 

If a stress-free weekend with your love is in order, check out Sunday Yoga and Cider at Meriwether Cider. Meriwether will also host their sixth annual Cheese, Chocolate, and Cider pairing Feb. 12-13. To get in on this tradition, you’ll need to make a reservation and purchase your pairing beforehand. The cheese and chocolate will be provided by local makers. You won’t also want to miss Meriwether’s Strawberries and Cream cider, which marries fresh strawberries and lactose for creaminess. This specialty cider is on nitro and comes laced with super small, creamy bubbles. Check Meriwether’s website for details. 

Telaya has three Valentine-inspired events to enjoy with your sweetie. Festivities kick off Feb. 11, with Date Night Light Bites, when you can enjoy delicious wine and cheese pairings and learn the basics behind creative pairings. You’ll sample four hand-selected artisan cheeses paired with four of Telaya’s wines, then learn why each is a perfect match. Craving more? Check out the Wine Dinner with Kismet on Feb. 12. Indulge in five courses of French-inspired cuisine, all partnered with Telaya wines. If brunch is more your style, book your space for Telaya’s Valentine’s Brunch on Feb. 13. You’ll be greeted with a mimosa before tucking into your choice of three brunch options accompanied by a glass of wine. These events require an RSVP, so be sure to plan ahead!

Want to celebrate “Galentine’s Day” this year with your besties? Ask your favorite winery about a private tour and tasting — or head to the Mimosa Festival at Revolution Concert House, which will feature shopping, a live DJ, food, and everyone’s favorite brunch beverage. 

Of course, flowers are always in order, so be sure to stock up for the big day at one of Garden City’s florists: Johnson Floral & Decor, Sunflower Florist and Gifts, and Boise House of Flowers

Barbarian Brewing

Ski and Snuggle

If the weather thus far is any indication, Bogus Basin will remain open far into the month of March — which means you’ll have plenty of opportunities to get cozy with your favorite downhill racer. The Riverside Hotel once again comes through clutch with its Warm Up Staycation package, featuring a $50 food and beverage card, access to the Riverside’s heated saltwater pool and poolside beverage service, the opportunity to circle ’round the fire pit, and warm slippers and robes to slip into aprés ski. 

We probably don’t have to tell snow bunnies about the restorative power of beverages, but these hard-hitting specialties are especially good for warming up frozen fingers and toes. Check out the traditional Manhattan at the Stagecoach Inn, the dangerously smooth Morrigan 2021 from Barbarian Brewing, the Slow Draw Oatmeal Stout from County Line Brewing, or toast your feet at Push & Pour’s outdoor fire pit, cortado in hand. 

Western Collective

Here’s How to Holiday (and Win) Like a Local

Here’s How to Holiday (and Win) Like a Local


Here’s How to Holiday (and Win) Like a Local

Barbarian Brewing

Reader, you know what the holidays have become. There’s the day-after-Thanksgiving dash to big box stores, the super-quick slide into Christmas/Hanukkah/Festivus, and finally the frantic race to the New Year.

It’s all over so quickly. Where’s the joy? Where’s the time for fun, for creating little moments that add up to big memories? This year, slow your roll and allow the season to surprise you. Here in Garden City, we take the art of getting off the beaten path seriously. Here’s how we’re inviting you to set a new holiday pace that will fill your cup (in some instances, quite literally) and leave you feeling refreshed and ready once you head back to real life in January.


Shop Local

Big box holiday shopping might be second only to football when it comes to winter contact sports. If you skipped the crowds during 2020 by shopping online, take note: Experts — and businesses themselves — are predicting big backlogs and shipping delays. Instead of biting your nails and hoping your package will arrive on time, why not shop Small Business Saturday in Garden City? The annual Buy Idaho Holiday Market will feature handmade and unique gifts from more than 100 local makers, including specialty food items, glass art, handmade wooden gifts, one-of-a-kind illustrations, beautiful jewelry, and so much more!

Can’t make it to Small Business Saturday? No problem. Check out our guide to artists and makers in Garden City — many of them are ramping up production for the holidays and taking orders now.

Barbarian Brewing

Fill Your Cup

The breweries and wineries that line our famous Craft Beverage Corridor have plenty of ways to sip your way into the holiday spirit. Telaya Wine Co. is offering two Telaya Design events that will tap into your creative side: a Thanksgiving Centerpiece class on Nov. 22 and a Holiday Wreath Making class on Nov. 28 and Dec. 1. Cinder plans on hosting an Ugly Sweater Party in December, while Powderhaus Brewing Company is going all out with its European-style Weihnachtsmarkt (Christmas Market) Nov. 26-28. Craft Beverage Corridor businesses are offering more events every day, so be sure to check the website of your favorite maker. (Bonus tip: Wine and beer club memberships make fantastic gifts, too.)

Western Collective

Ski and Stay

Yes, it’s too cold to float or surf Garden City’s star attraction, the Boise River. But when the snow starts to fly, locals switch gears by heading up the hill to Bogus Basin Ski Resort. Savvy locals and out-of-towners know the best way to enjoy a day of hassle-free skiing or snowboarding is by making basecamp in Garden City at the Riverside Hotel. Not only does it offer easy access to Bogus Basin, but a treat awaits weary muscles after a long day on the slopes: The hotel’s outdoor pool is heated to a soothing 100 degrees in the winter. Want it even hotter? Try the nearby hot tub and soak any lingering aches away.

You can check out even more ideas to add stress-less fun back into your holiday schedule by visiting the Things to Do section of our website. And don’t forget to enter your chance to win a restful weekend with our Holiday Like a Local contest!

Barbarian Brewing

Pick Your Park: An Interactive Guide to GC’s Best Spots

Pick Your Park: An Interactive Guide to GC’s Best Spots


Pick Your Park: An Interactive Guide to GC’s Best Spots

Garden City has plenty of lush, green spots — a fact that might not be surprising given the city’s verdant name. But what really sets Garden City’s parks apart is access to water, and lots of it: Visitors can pick their speed, from the lazy eddies of Heron Park to the famous wave at Boise Whitewater Park. Garden City’s parks aren’t just places for picnics and pick-up basketball (though they’re great for that, too). They’re some of the best ways to access the Boise River, the crown jewel of the Treasure Valley.


Best for Thrill Seekers:

Boise Whitewater Park

You can raft the Boise River, float it, swim in it — or, if you’re up for a real adventure, tackle it head on at Boise Whitewater Park. This unusual river park features a man-made wave that rises and falls with the water levels in the river, making it an ever-changing challenge for kayakers, river surfers, and stand-up paddleboarders who want to test their technical skills.

Barbarian Brewing

Best for Anglers:

Riverside Park

Trout, bluegill, bass: If you want to catch it, Riverside Park has it! This lovely spot is a favorite of both anglers and wildlife lovers — you’re sure to see waterfowl and maybe even a deer or two. You don’t need to be experienced to cast a line here, which makes it a great place for kids who are just learning to love the sport.

Barbarian Brewing

Best for Kids:

Riverfront Park

It’s big. It’s full of fun. And for years, it’s been the best playdate location in Garden City. Parents will love Riverfront Park for its easy access to restrooms and a shady picnic pavilion, and kids will go wild for the full playground and basketball court.

Barbarian Brewing

Best for Picnics:

River Pointe Park

Quiet, lovely, and within walking distance to some of Garden City’s most beloved spots, River Pointe Park is a fantastic al fresco lunch location. Dine in the shade before strolling along the Greenbelt, visiting the nearby Pollinator Garden, or picking up a book at the Garden City Library.

Barbarian Brewing

Best for Swimmers:

Esther Simplot Park

Nearly half of this 55-acre park is devoted to ponds for swimming and fishing. If you prefer an all-natural swimming session among wildlife, waterfowl, and fewer crowds then you’ll find at the average public pool, this is your spot. Pro tip: Reserve one of the two shelters on Friendship Island for your lunch break.

Barbarian Brewing

Best for a Quiet Break:

Mystic Cove Park

Located just off the Greenbelt on 48th Street, Mystic Cove is a wonderful pit stop during a cycling or strolling session. You’ll find benches for resting and playground equipment to help the kiddos blow off some steam.

Barbarian Brewing

Best for River Lovers:

Heron Park

This half-acre park offers direct access to the river, making it a perfect destination for owners of water-loving dogs, kids who want to cool off during the summer months, or nature lovers who want to take a break on its bankside seating area. There’s plenty of parking and restrooms nearby, as well.

Barbarian Brewing

Best for Nature Lovers:

Westmoreland Park

Westmoreland boasts 5.6 acres of open space and clear access to the Boise River, which makes it a favorite put in/pull out point for kayakers — not to mention anglers who love to fish for trout and steelhead. In fact, you can make a full day of your time there thanks to plenty of picnic tables and room to roam. True nature lovers appreciate the part of this large park that’s off limits to foot traffic: A reserve for the wildlife that thrive along the river.  

Barbarian Brewing

Bring Your Bestie! A Dog Lover’s Guide to Garden City

Bring Your Bestie! A Dog Lover’s Guide to Garden City


Bring Your Bestie! A Dog Lover’s Guide to Garden City

Garden City has a laid-back, beers-on-the-patio, lazy-day-by-the-river feel. So it’s no surprise that this city is amazingly Fido-friendly. From craft beverage purveyors to lodging, coffee shops to parks, you’ll find plenty of places to spend the day with your best friend.


Breweries, Wineries, and Bars

Garden City’s amazing Craft Beverage Corridor is famous for its homegrown breweries and wineries, while the city’s bars are known for their come-as-you-are atmospheres. In other words: Furry friends are definitely welcome here.

Barbarian Brewing

Your dog might not be able to partake in Barbarian’s genre-defying beers, but it is welcome in the taproom.


Cinder Wines

Make sure your dog is on a leash while you enjoy winemaker Melanie Krause’s celebrated wines.


Coiled Wines

Your furry friend is allowed only on the patio — not much of a sacrifice with one of Coiled’s famous wine slushies in hand.


County Line Brewing

Make sure your dog is on leash while you stock up on favorites like Hayride Pale Ale. 


Meriwether Cider Co.

Dogs are so much a part of Meriwether that visiting pups are featured on their very own Instagram account: @dogsofmeriwether.


Par Terre

No problem sipping on a cab franc with your dog by your side — just make sure it’s leashed.

Potter Wines

Potter is known for its quirky wines, like jalapeno wine, and dogs are welcome to join their owners while they light up their tastebuds.


Powderhaus Brewing Company

Powderhaus is all about that Idaho outdoor life, and including your best friend is part of the fun.


Split Rail Winery

This fun-loving winery has a tasting room and a Chinden Boulevard patio that are open to dogs.


Telaya Wine Co.

Telaya has a picture-perfect riverside patio where dogs are welcome, too.


Twisted District Brew Co.

Garden City’s newest brewery has not one, but two patios where you can bring your dogs.


Western Collective

Boozy slushies, hard seltzer, and clever beers are even better with your pup by your side.


The Yardarm

Tucked into Garden City’s “beach” community by the Boise River, this seasonal bar welcomes all members of the neighborhood.


These restaurants aren’t just a great place to have a bite — they also welcome your best friend.
(note: most allow dogs outside only).


You and your dog can enjoy Barrelhouse’s “perfectly unusual” menu on this eatery’s patio.


Blue Sky Bagels

Feel free to bring your pup with you while you enjoy your bagel and schmear on Blue Sky’s outdoor seating.



This beloved sandwich shop has a shaded, dog-friendly patio.


Idaho Pizza Company

Your best buddy is welcome to join you at this local pizza company’s outside seating.


Moxie Java Bistro and Moxie Java Café

These always-popular coffeehouses have spacious, dog-friendly patios.


Oliver’s Daily Grind

This walk-up and drive-up coffee stand is perfect for morning java runs with your dog.

Pastry Perfection

Enjoy a cup of coffee and one of Pastry Perfection’s fan-favorite donuts on the outdoor patio with your dog.


Push and Pour

This craft coffeeshop has a cozy, dog-friendly patio out front.


The Sandbar

Well-behaved dogs are welcome at this riverside patio grill that’s open from mid-May through October.


Sofia’s Greek Bistro

We won’t tell if you slip your pup one of Sofia’s Greek fries while you dine outside.


Uncle Giuseppe’s

This Italian deli known for its mouthwatering sandwiches allows dogs to sit with their owners outside when their patio seating is available.

Parks and Swimming Holes

Garden City offers plenty of locations for river exploring, swimming, running, and playing fetch.


At 25 miles long, this jewel of a riverside path offers more than enough opportunities to run, walk, or even swim in the river. Dogs especially enjoy the swimming hole west of Mystic Cove Park.


River Pointe Park

This little park behind City Hall is great for a session of fetch.


Riverfront Park

Riverfront is the largest in Garden City, with plenty of space for dogs to frolic.


Heron Park

This is the newest park in Garden City and makes great use of its river access, with steps leading to your pup’s next swimming session.


Mystic Cove Park

Just off the Greenbelt, this park is a great diversion after a swim in the river.


Boise Whitewater Park

Have a water-loving dog? This park isn’t just for river surfers — dogs can practice their swimming skills here, too.  


Finding a dog hotel while traveling can be like searching for a needle in a haystack, but not in Garden City.

The Riverside Hotel

The Riverside Hotel (where you’ll also find the Sandbar, listed above) allows up to two dogs per room for a non-refundable fee. Book online or call ahead with questions about the policy. 

The Most Fido-Friendly Spots of All

Pups are always welcome at food trucks, the ultimate outdoor eateries! Garden City has two full-time food trucks that serve authentic Mexican food. Many establishments, like Crooked Fence and Powderhaus, offer rotating food truck service; check their websites to discover the latest. But for an OG food truck experience, start with these two.

Tacos Mobile Primo

Located just outside Primo Super Market, Tacos Mobile Primo offers traditional standbys like asada street tacos, tortas stuffed with ham and pineapple, and chile relleno burritos.

El Sabor

Located near the Mobil 1 Lube Express at 9275 W. Chinden, El Sabor serves up classics like aguachile (a ceviche-style dish served with tostadas) and burrito verde (stuffed with marinated pork).

Ski Stress Free

Ski Stress Free


Ski Stress Free

Garden City is the Secret to Stress-Free Skiing

It’s true that you won’t find ski resort in Garden City — but, thanks to its location, it’s the ideal place experience a stress-free day of skiing. Here’s how you can make the most of your time on the mountain while maximizing every moment of relaxation.
Sleep tight at the Riverside Hotel.

The best way to start your adventure is by resting up for the thrills ahead! The Riverside Hotel in Garden City is popular with locals and out-of-town folks alike thanks to its spacious rooms and friendly vibe. Check in, then chill out at the Sapphire Room while enjoying a cocktail and live music.

Fuel up!

Get a head start on the crowds by hitting up the Riverside Hotel’s Riverside Grill for its signature breakfast buffet (weekdays) or brunch (weekends). Starting at 6 a.m., you can enjoy made-on-the-spot omelets, freshly baked donuts, and the Riverside’s famous caramelized pepper bacon. On the weekends, the buffet goes deluxe with the addition of hand-carved prime rib, eggs benedict, a dessert bar, and bottomless mimosas.

Let a driver be your guide.

There’s another amazing perk besides the awesome breakfast at the Riverside: Free connection to the Bogus Basin shuttle! Skip the hassle of dealing with traffic by letting the Riverside shuttle ferry you to the Bogus Basin bus that loops to the ski resort and back every 20 minutes. All you have to do is sit back and think about your first run.  

If you’re new to Bogus Basin, you’re in for a treat. This beloved non-profit ski area has been entertaining families for more than 70 years with its 1,800 foot drop and 91 runs. And it’s not just for skiers! Try the twisting, turning mountain coaster (the only one in Idaho) or the slick tubing hill.

Aprés ski at the brewery.

Where better to finish your mini ski adventure than at the Powderhaus Brewing Company? Their “taphaus” on Chinden Boulevard features alpine-inspired brews in a sleek, wooden space that looks like a modern take on a rustic cabin. Try the First Turns IPA, which is based on locally-grown Chinook and Cascade hops, or the Hinterlander Porter, which boasts coffee and chocolate flavors. Sit back, stretch out, and listen to live music on Friday nights and weekends — and just remember, you can come back for another stress-free ski adventure every weekend while the snow flies! 


Shop Boutiques & Antiques

Shop Boutiques & Antiques


Shop Boutiques & Antiques

Nothing But One-of-a-Kind Finds

If you thrill at the idea of scoring a 1940s Stetson or stumbling upon the perfect Danish mid-century chair, Garden City is your town. We boast a bevy of small businesses that focus on eclectic offerings. Here, you’ll discover unusual antique treasures, specialty stores, and craftspeople who create and restore beautiful furniture. Pick your favorite type of store, choose your destination, and start mining for gold!

Where to Search For Antique Treasures

Garden City has an unusually high number of awesome antiques in a small area.


Where can you go to find a 1940s evening gown and mid-century chaise to lounge in? Ricochet, of course. This consignment store specializes in high-quality furniture and clothing — including pieces from the estate of actress Maureen O’Hara. The selection is always rotating, so pop in to find your next statement piece.

Estate Sales Outlet Shop

This business is the extension of a longstanding estate sales management company and features a constantly updated selection of handpicked art, books, china and porcelain, jewelry, kitchenware, and so much more.

Estate Sales Outlet Shop

This business is the extension of a longstanding estate sales management company and features a constantly updated selection of handpicked art, books, china and porcelain, jewelry, kitchenware, and so much more.

Assistance League Thrift Shop

This well-stocked thrift store includes sections for clothing, home goods, jewelry, shoes, and seasonal goods. The thrift store is the main source of income for the Assistance League of Boise’s seven philanthropic programs, so you can feel good while scoring your latest treasure.


Eclectic Curio

You never know what wonders you’ll stumble upon at this whimsical shop. Clothing, home decor, collectibles — the multiple vendors who sell at Eclectic have an eye for it all. If you’re in search of something truly unique, check out Eclectic’s upcycled furniture.

The Merq

The Merq specializes in pieces that are salvaged, repurposed, and ready to be loved again. Goods at The Merq are carefully curated and ideal for shabby chic lovers. Be sure to ask about their monthly sales and specials, too.

Idaho Vintage Market

This two-day market comes to Garden City from the founders of Boise’s uber-popular Wintry Market. Every September, you can browse through treasures supplied by about 60 vendors, including clothing, original art, jewelry, outdoor furniture, and more.


The Reuseum is truly one of the most original stores you’ll ever visit. This surplus outlet takes in a huge variety of unwanted items like computer parts, lab supplies, industrial machinery, and more — all so intrepid makers can create their own inventions. Their in-house education center schools kids through their “deconstruction lab” and also includes practical tips for mastering 3-D printers and more.