Garden City’s Year-Round Charms

Garden City’s Year-Round Charms


Garden City’s Year-Round Charms

Young women celebrating with Santa hat, Reindeer headband and Christmas tree festive glasses.
Craft Beverages, Arts, Culture, and Holiday Magic.

Are you seeking a hidden gem for your next adventure? Look no further than Garden City, a 4.2-square-mile urban enclave between the City of Boise to the north, east, and south and the City of Eagle to the west. Just 1.6 miles east of the Idaho State Capitol, Garden City offers a delightful day of exploration, creativity, and fantastic craft beverages. In this post, we’ll take you on a journey throughout the year to uncover the charm and uniqueness of this oasis.


Experience Garden City's Holiday Magic

If you’re planning a holiday getaway, Garden City has you covered. Embrace the holiday spirit with special menus featuring seasonal favorites at Garden City’s dining establishments. Don’t forget to explore the boutique shops, where you’ll discover handcrafted treasures and one-of-a-kind presents for your loved ones.

For a creative twist, participate in holiday-themed workshops, from crafting your decorations to attending a play or enjoying an evening of country dancing. Garden City during the holidays is a magical place where you can make meaningful mementos of your staycation. Check out this treasure from the archives Gift Giver’s Guide Blog post.

woman with hand over a man's eyes surprising him with a brightly wrapped red and with checkered gift box

Cruise the Craft Beverage Corridor

Garden City is a haven for craft beverage enthusiasts, with a remarkable concentration of wineries, cideries, and breweries. The challenge here is not finding a place to enjoy your favorite beverage but choosing which will become your new favorite! Whether you’re into bold syrahs or refreshing pilsners, Garden City’s craft beverage scene has something for every palate.

Garden City’s Craft Beverage Corridor is a standout feature that beckons visitors year-round. With 18 different breweries, urban wineries and wine shops clustered within a few square miles, you can embark on a one-of-a-kind beverage adventure. Take your time to explore these establishments, chat with passionate brewers and vintners, and savor the distinctive flavors that define Garden City’s craft scene.

For those visiting during the holiday season, start your festive adventure in Garden City’s renowned Craft Beverage Corridor. Explore the town’s wineries, cideries, and breweries, each offering a distinct flavor profile to suit your holiday mood. Savor syrahs, sips of cider, or pints of craft beer while taking in the festive atmosphere. For a seamless journey, visit the Craft Corridor webpage on the Garden City Visitor’s Bureau website. This comprehensive guide includes maps, operating hours, and special offers to help you plan an unforgettable tasting tour. Cruise the Craft Beverage Corridor

Garden City offers a year-round events calendar that caters to various interests. There’s always something happening, from live music to arts and crafts workshops and unique culinary experiences. Be sure to check the Garden City Visitor’s Bureau website’s event calendar to make the most of your visit, whether you’re here to enjoy the craft beverages or immerse yourself in the local culture.

Check Out the Events Calendar

person on stage playing guitar and singing<br />

Unleash Your Creativity

Garden City isn’t just about craft beverages; it’s also a hub of creativity that invites exploration beyond its libation offerings. When you visit, explore the “Where to Shop” page on the Visitor’s Bureau website, where you’ll discover a treasure trove of unique artist shops, second-hand stores, and more. Whether you’re hunting for vintage finds or one-of-a-kind artisanal creations, Garden City’s shopping scene has something to pique everyone’s interest.

As you stroll along the greenbelt, basking in the Idaho sunshine, keep your eyes peeled for hidden treasures waiting to be uncovered. Garden City has a knack for surprising visitors with delightful discoveries, so take your time and relish the experience. For those with an artistic inclination, Garden City offers a vibrant and welcoming space to unleash creativity. Artists have long been drawn to this enclave, attracted by its affordable rents and thriving DIY culture. Here, artists and makers are not just accommodated; they’re celebrated. Garden City is a wellspring of inspiration for visual artists, grassroots performers, artisans, and makers. Check out the Arts and Makers page on the website and unleash your creativity.

As you explore the town’s streets, you’ll encounter an increasing number of vibrant murals that adorn the buildings. These murals are beautiful works of art and a testament to the town’s commitment to fostering creativity and self-expression. From glassblowing studios to mosaic-making workshops, Garden City provides ample opportunities for art enthusiasts to engage their creative side.

So, if you’re seeking a destination combining the charm of craft beverages with a thriving artistic community, Garden City is the place to be. Explore its artistic offerings, support local creators, and take home a piece of the town’s creative spirit as a cherished souvenir of your visit. Garden City’s unique blend of craft, culture, and creativity awaits your discovery.

the creative space

Where to Shop

Explore Garden City’s vibrant shopping scene, where a diverse blend of small businesses and secondhand, antique, and craftsman shops awaits. Discover hidden treasures, unique finds, and one-of-a-kind creations in this eclectic shopping haven. Whether you’re a collector, a vintage enthusiast, or simply looking for something special, Garden City’s small businesses and shops offer a delightful mix of experiences waiting to be uncovered. Plan your shopping adventure today!


recycled minds comedy

Hotel Accommodations and Cozy Airbnb Stays

Garden City Lodging Choices: Luxurious Retreats and Nature Getaways

Regarding accommodation in Garden City, you have a range of choices to suit your preferences. Whether you’re looking for a luxurious retreat or a do-it-yourself adventure close to nature, Garden City has you covered.

For those seeking a luxurious staycation experience, we recommend booking a room at the Riverside Hotel. Nestled along the scenic Boise River, this tranquil oasis offers comfortable accommodations and serene surroundings. It provides the perfect setting for unwinding and enjoying the pleasures of Garden City. With convenient access to all the town has to offer, the Riverside Hotel is an excellent choice for those looking to relax and indulge.

Alternatively, if you prefer a more hands-on and adventurous experience, explore the numerous charming Airbnb accommodations in Garden City. These cozy stays will make you feel right at home while immersing yourself in this exciting locale’s natural beauty and local charm. Whether you opt for a stylish apartment or a rustic cabin, Airbnb options in Garden City offer diverse experiences that cater to various tastes.

Garden City beckons you to savor, create, and connect year-round. Its craft beverage corridor, artistic experiences, warm community, and holiday magic make it the perfect destination for a memorable day trip or a relaxing staycation. Your Garden City adventure awaits, so don’t forget to check the events calendar regularly for daily fun and discovery. Cheers to your year-round Garden City exploration!

art supplies on the wall at the potter's center

Discover the Allure of Garden City: Stay, Explore, Thrive

Discover the Allure of Garden City: Stay, Explore, Thrive


Discover the Allure of Garden City: Stay, Explore, Thrive

ABCs of Garden City

There is so much to love about Garden City. It’s an easy as reciting the ABCs.


There is so much to love about Garden City. It’s an easy as reciting the ABCs.

by Nick Jezierny, September 2023 Community Blog Contest Winner

A is for Arts.

Garden City is full of art, with so many galleries and creative spaces that there are too many to list but you can learn more here.

B is for Breweries.

And Garden City has a bunch of them. Check out Barbarian Brewing, Brown Beard Brewing, Clairvoyant Brewing, Idawild Brewing, Powderhaus Brewing, Twisted District, and Western Collective for craft beers and good times.

C is for the Corridor Surf Shop & Necessary Goods.

If you want to try the surf wave, SUP the river, or Quinn’s Pond, here is your place to get geared up and buy some cool merch.

D is for D&B Supply.

With everything from clothing, pet food, lawn and garden to sporting goods, D&B has just about everything.

E is for Expo Idaho.

Home of the Western Idaho Fair and other events throughout the year.

F is for Flipside Fest.

A three-day music and arts festival that includes local, regional, and national musical acts, amazing art, and other hip, cool activities.

G is for Greenbelt Market.

A great place for snacks, drinks, and people-watching along the Greenbelt.

H is for Heron Park.

One of the newer parks in Garden City features a grassy area, steps to the Boise River, and a covered picnic table.

I is for Idaho Pinball Museum.

Check out vintage and modern pinball games, tournaments, and other special events.

J is for J’s Ultimate Hand Wash.

Keep your ride looking clean at this car wash that offers a variety of washes and plans.

K is for Karuna Kava.

A zero-proof non-alcoholic beer and tea room for when you want socialization without the buzz.

L is for Luciano’s.

The Caffé along the greenbelt has a great patio, quality food, and an epic chocolate cake for dessert.

M is for Meriwether Cider.

You’ll be hard-pressed (that’s a pun) to find a better cider anywhere.

N is for North End Organic Nursery.

Gardening supplies, advice, and cool stuff.

O is for OMG Studios.

State-of-the-art facilities for audio, video, and meetings.

P is for Push & Pour.

Coffee, art, events, and the coolest staff await you at Push & Pour.

Q is for Quesadilla.

You can get some quality quesadillas at Barriga’s Mexican Restaurant, El Gallo Giro and Taqueria Las Brazas.

R is for Riverside Hotel.

There is always something happening at the hotel, whether it’s a show at Bar 365 or the Sapphire Room, a conference or live music on the Sandbar patio. It’s definitely the place to stay.

S is for The Stagecoach Inn.

A legendary spot with fantastic food, and a fun bar, and don’t forget to order a slice or two of the four cream pies offered.

T is for Telaya Wine Co.

With a patio right on the Greenbelt and award-winning wines and customer service, no trip to the GC is complete without a stop here. If you like wine, you also should visit Cinder Wines, Coiled Wines, Par Terre Winery, Potter Wines, Rolling Hills Vineyard Tasting Room, and  Split Rail Winery while out and about.

U is for U-Haul.

You’ll need to rent one when you decide it’s time to move to Garden City.

V is Visual Arts Collective.

A contemporary fine arts gallery, performance center, and cultural center committed to presenting exhibitions and events for artists working in visual and performance art, film, music, dance and theater.

W is for Wepa Cafe.

Authentic Puerto Rican cuisine with a fantastic roof-top patio make this a Garden City hotspot.

X is what you hope to roll at Westy’s Garden Lanes, a fine bowling alley and lounge.

For you, non-bowlers, X means a strike (knocking all 10 pins down in one roll).

Y is for Yardarm.

An outdoor surf bar constructed from a shipping container is open from April to mid-October. Don’t forget to order tacos from the boat to go with your ice-cold beverages.

Z is for Zero Waste.

Root’s Zero Waste Market is the first full-service zero-waste grocery store and café in the United States. Great organic produce, made-from-scratch food that is vegan and vegetarian friendly, and bulk food offerings.


Fall in Love with February!

Fall in Love with February!


Fall in Love with February!

Celebrating the arts in February with Garden City Visitors Bureau
This month, we’re celebrating the arts! Find opportunities to unleash your creativity, and stop by some local businesses to try something new. 

Garden City offers the supplies, the resources and the places to explore your passions and hobbies, or learn from the pros. 


Bella Mosaica

If you’re looking to try something completely new but with a twist head over to Bella Mosaica to get classes and learn from the best on how to create a project that’s perfect for your home or even as a gift! You can receive a free lesson taught by teachers and staff! How could you possibly see no? You don’t need a reservation, and you can walk in anytime to create your masterpiece! Head over on your off-day, or even for an afternoon of fun with your friends! Make it an adventure to create the perfect piece for you. 


Bella Mosaica
Bella Mosaica

Eclectic Curio

If you want to find some really unique staples for your home, check out the Eclectic Curio! They have a bunch of antiques and one-of-a-kind pieces just for you. They have a great selection of anything you could possibly need for decoration or accessories! Right on Glenwood, as you pass by for any event, stop in and find something that’s unique to you, and for a great price! 

Their social media has a lot of information on new arrivals and inventory, so be sure to follow them and check out their page to see what they’ve got! 



eclectic curio
inside of eclectic curio

Quality Art

If you’re just getting started with your art journey, or if you’re in the middle of a huge project, check out Quality Art! They have a great location in the heart of Garden City, and they have all the materials you might need at a great price. What started out as a business for canvases, has become a whole warehouse full of any tools you might need to be the best artist you can be. Check out their website for price estimates and products or call  if you have any questions! They have some art experts  who can point you in the right direction. 

The Creative Space

If you’re wanting to find a venue to conduct your own artistic  events, The Creative Space is perfect for you! It’s a multipurpose space that’s designed to host live theater performances, art exhibits, acoustic concerts, non-profit benefits and private events! 5,000 square feet designed to suit your needs! 
the creative space
the creative space

Recycled Minds Comedy

What do you call an ant who fights crime? A vigilANTe! 

If you were already at the Creative Space, hang out a little longer to watch a show! If you need a laugh, or want to learn how to do stand up comedy and interactive performances? This place is perfect for you. Recycled Minds Comedy offers so many opportunities to watch or be part of a show! Even if you don’t want to perform, you can learn how to build more self confidence and work on your communication skills and practice improv! Comedy is a special kind of art, because it’s the vocal ability to engage with an audience, while getting an audible reaction at the same time. I love comedy, and I don’t think anyone can have too much laughter in their lifetime, so get your laugh going, or learn how to  create a laugh over here! 

recycled minds comedy

The Merq

Like to design or need a new statement piece for your home? The Merq is the perfect place to find those hidden treasures and unique pieces out of a worldwide collection! Their inventory constantly changes so there’s always a chance for you to find the perfect gem for you. One-stop-shop for all things vintage! 
inside of merq- knick knacks
inside of merq- signage knick knacks
merq holiday outside store front

The Potter’s Center

Need some new bowls, mugs, cups, plates, or whatever your heart desires? Clay is the perfect way to mold your necessities with your own personal twist! The Potter’s Center has everything you need to get your journey started. You can book a class to learn how to throw on the wheel or hand build, and you can get all the tools you might need if you want to work on something at home! Don’t wait too long though, spots in those classes  book fast!
The potters center
the inside of the potters center with art supplies on the wall
art supplies on the wall at the potter's center

The ReUse Market

Thrifting for art supplies? Count me in! The ReUse Market is home to clean reusable arts & craft materials that are put out for artists like you! Their goal is to keep those supplies and give them to people who are able to repurpose them into beautiful works of art instead of taking up space at the landfill. Art can be in any form, and creativity is never limited. The ReUse market also offers resources  for teachers to use in their classrooms so they don’t extend their budgets! 

the reuse market

Twisted Ewe, A Yarn Shop

The Twisted Ewe is a great place to explore a new hobby! All the tools you need for knitting, drop spinning, macrame, etc are all available here for you! They accommodate all beginners and expert crocheters, and supply all kinds of yarn made from natural fibers that will make sure your creations will last a lifetime. You can take a virtual tour online to check out what they have, or just stop by the store and stroll around to find what you’d like! 

Also check out their social media, on facebook or Instagram @twistedewe for weekly newsletters and more information on what they have to offer!

Twisted Ewe a yarn shop

Visual Arts Collective

Looking for an art gallery and performance venue? The Visual Arts Collective is a great place to discover artistic expression and engage in interactive art! Visit their website if you want to check out their upcoming events and current exhibitions. Their social media is also a great place to check out the spotlights and art pieces they have out!

Zion Art Glass Studio

If you’re really looking for a challenge or something new to try, definitely check out zion art class! Their studio is right off the road on chinden, and their door is open! Super friendly and with an amazing exhibit to show you all that you can accomplish ! Learn from the best and make that bowl or glass or sculpture that you’ve been dying to add to your home! 

Check out their website for more information!  Zion Warne Studios – Boise

inside look of pieces at the zion art glass studio
side view angle of the inside of zion art glass studio
glassblowing studio

GC Is Selfie City

GC Is Selfie City


GC Is Selfie City

Garden City is one of the most colorful spots in the state — from super-popular murals to lush riverside locations, you’ll discover an endless supply of places to snap the perfect pic. We’ve scouted the best locations for you, so all you need to do is pick your best angle and snap that selfie!

Garden SIT-y Art Benches

These benches are more than just a place to take a break from a trek down the Greenbelt. They’re actual pieces of art by some of Garden City’s most prolific makers! Each one is unique — why not try them all?

  • Heron Bench: Located in Heron Park, 3858 Reed Street
  • Greenbelt Sherbet: Located at the end of 50th Street on the Greenbelt
  • Blue Bench: Located in Mystic Cove Park on the Greenbelt
  • Trio: Located at East 40th Street and the Greenbelt
  • Underneath: Located at Riverside Park at Glenwood Street and Riverside Drive

Murals Galore

Garden City is one of the most mural-friendly places in the Treasure Valley, with more popping up every month (quite literally!).

‘The Only Constant Is Change’

This piece by OG mural team Sector 17 at 31st and Stockton Streets pays tribute to current residents while harkening back to Garden City’s agricultural roots and the early Chinese immigrants who farmed here.

Garden City Postcard Mural:

You hardly need to tag your location when you take a photo in front of this mural (but we hope you do, anyway!). This old-fashioned design looks like something your grandpa would have sent in the mail back in the ’40s. Check it out at 107 East 44th Street, right across from Cinder Wines.

Climate Resilience Murals:

These projects were created through the Garden City Placemaking Fund, a brand-new organization designed to empower new opportunities for public art and creative placemaking in Garden City. Conservation Voters for Idaho is partnering with the fund to create six original murals. The first is a dreamy, multi-toned piece by Lorelle Rau on the Coiled Wines building at 35th and Osage streets. The second, a colorful piece by artist and GCPF team member Miguel Almeida, is inspired by Mexican folk art. You can find it at Zion Warne Studios on 33rd Street and Chinden Boulevard. 


The Garden City Placemaking Fund brought together acclaimed local artists Ashley Dreyfus, Miguel Almeida, Julia Green, and James Lloyd to create this massive mural. And guess what? It’s designed specifically for selfies! Each panel is an individual scene — pick one as a backdrop or try them all, Goldilocks-style. Find “Collaboration” at 33rd and Stockton streets.

Even MORE Murals:

We’ve barely scratched the surface! Check out these other colorful mural locations in Garden City:

  • Airplane Mural: Located on the Signs by Smith Building at 4747 North Glenwood Street.
  • ‘Be Great’ Mural: Located at the Boys and Girls Club of Ada County, 610 East 42nd Street.
  • Hunter Mural: Located at the Boise Hunter Education Center at 109 West 44th Street. 
  • Fishing Mural and River Rafting Mural: Find these river-themed pieces under the Glenwood Bridge on the Greenbelt. 
  • ‘A Garden of Creativity’: Located on the back of Cobby’s Sandwich Shop at 4348 Chinden Boulevard. 

Be a Guitar Hero

The Sapphire Room at the Riverside Hotel is one of the best places to snap a music-themed selfie. If you can’t make it to one of the venue’s many stellar concerts, console yourself with a pic that includes this custom-made guitar by local legend Mark Bolin. Never heard of a Bolin guitar? You’ve probably listened to one of your favorite musicians play one. Bolin has built guitars for Keith Richards and Ronnie Wood of the Rolling Stones, Steve Miller of his namesake band, Jimmy Page of Led Zeppelin, legendary bluesman Albert King, and Bolin Guitars superfans Billy Gibbons and Dusty Hill of ZZ Top — just to name a few. 

This Must Be the Place

The permagreen wall emblazoned with a neon “This Must Be the Place” sign on the Western Collective patio has been the backdrop of so many photo shoots that it should get some sort of selfie award. It’s the perfect combo of color, texture, and lettering. Whether you come for the beer and stay for a selfie — or the other way around — you won’t want to miss this photo op.

The Stallion at Somewhere

It’s hard to explain just how iconic the bucking bronco on top of the Somewhere Bar is. This life-size horse has been a Garden City mainstay since the 1950s, when the entire log-cabin building and its accompanying steed were moved from the town of New Plymouth to the current location. Back then, it was known as the Ranch Club; over the years, the establishment has witnessed many changes. Its current iteration, Somewhere, is the area’s only gay-owned LGBTQIA+ community bar — and the ol’ bucking bronco still looks good as ever.

Out In Nature

If a vibrant, natural look is your goal, take notes. Garden City has a ton of spots that fit the bit.

The River Wave:

Yes, you can surf the Boise River here — and if you have the right equipment and a great sense of balance, you can manage to catch yourself in the act! 

From a Float:

Floating the Boise River is one of the most pleasant ways to spend a hot summer day. Why not let everyone know how much fun you’re having? Nearly any spot along the six-mile float is selfie-friendly, but do be careful and make sure you’re not in danger of running into a tree limb or about to go over one of the river’s small rapid areas. 

In Your Waders:

The Boise River’s depth is low enough that you can easily take a pic in the middle of the river while casting a line. Extra points if you snag a selfie with your catch of the day. 

On a Ride:

Take your bike for a spin along the Greenbelt and you’ll encounter endless opportunities for great photos, from the murals underneath the Glenwood Bridge to wild roses in bloom to the shady parks that line the pathway. 

Pollinator Garden:

The Garden City Pollinator Habitat doesn’t just attract bees — it’s also an awesome photo site. This vibrant garden starts blooming in late March and continues through the summer. 

Out at the Ballgame

The Boise Hawks are the area’s only professional baseball team, and each short-season game is packed with so many great photo ops that it’s hard to narrow them down. Will you take a selfie while noshing on a giant turkey leg from the concession stand, with a player, or while trying to capture the mayhem of the mid-game tots vs. fries vs. baked potato race (hard to explain, hilarious to watch)? Bonus points if you can take your pic during one of the post-game Friday Fireworks shows!

At the Fair and Expo

Expo Idaho is a sprawling venue that plays host to a dizzying array of events — everything from gem shows to concerts to auto extravaganzas! Check out the schedule and start planning your selfie opportunity. Of course, if you’re looking for an all-American photo op, you can always count on the Western Idaho Fair. This huge event has all the classic features you expect from a fair: a Ferris wheel and heart-stopping rides, adorable animals, antique tractors, a jam-packed fairway, and huge concerts. The 2022 fair will run from August 19-28, so you’ll have plenty of chances to add to your photo album and Reels!

And, of course … 

Let the fam know where you’re at with a pic by one of the colorful Welcome to Garden City signs!


Celebrating 10 Years of Passion for the Arts

Celebrating 10 Years of Passion for the Arts


Celebrating 10 Years of Passion for the Arts

aerial view of a surfer at the garden city water park

February Artist-in-Residence Stephen Aifegha

Surel’s Place is Celebrating its 10th Anniversary with Parties, Special Events and a Bright Future.

Surel Mitchell was a self-taught, prolific, accomplished artist, and an enthusiastic community builder. Her desire for a formal degree in fine arts brought her to the Treasure Valley in the 1990s, where she built her Garden City home and studio. Surel served on the Garden City Arts Commission and worked actively with the City Council to establish a Live-Work-Create District that would set Garden City apart as a city that supported the arts. Years later, while she battled lupus, multiple sclerosis, and lung cancer, she turned her home into a vibrant gathering place, full of art and love and conversation.


Surel's Place

To honor Surel’s vision and work after her death in 2011, her friends and family formed Surel’s Place, a nonprofit that keeps her legacy alive.  During its first ten years, Surel’s Place has housed, celebrated, and advanced the careers of more than eighty artists-in-residence. The organization has also supported hundreds of Idaho artists through Flash Shows and exhibitions, First Friday Art and Studio Strolls, studio residencies, pop-up sales, live performances and much more.

Additionally, Surel’s place has shared art and literature with hundreds of Treasure Valley students through its “pARTner Schools Program”, has enhanced the artistic abilities and creativity of hundreds of workshop attendees, and has inspired many thousands of neighbors and patrons to appreciate and support the local art community.  This work has ensured that Surel’s vision and passion for the role of art remains strong.

Barbarian Brewing
The core of Surel’s Place remains the residency program that brings artists of all disciplines, from around the world to Garden City, where they pursue their work, share their process, and connect with the community.

Surel’s Place adapted its residency program during the pandemic by providing Studio Residencies to local artists in need of affordable and accommodating space, and is expanding these opportunities in the Surel Mitchell Live-Work-Create District today.

Sponsorships & Nonprofits

In 2020, Surel’s Place started a fiscal sponsorship program to help other nonprofit organizations. This program helped the Visual Arts Collective weather the pandemic that crippled public venues across the country. It supported the Idaho Prison Arts Collective achieve their mission of providing transformative art experiences to incarcerated Idahoans, and it has helped launch the Voces Internship of Idaho, an equity-driven internship program that strives to bring new and needed voices to Idaho’s news landscape by opening doors for young Latino Idahoans to get professional paid experiences.

The most recent project at Surel’s Place, the Garden City Placemaking Fund, has the potential to help shape the community for decades to come. This group gives local, emerging and BIPOC artists opportunities to create public art projects, while developing skills and experiences to enhance their artistic journeys.   These activities also facilitate new conversations on how to tackle community challenges with creativity and cooperation.

Western Collective

February Artist-in-Residence Stephen Aifegha

Join in the Festivities to Celebrate Surel’s Place 10th Anniversary!

Thursday, May 26th



Dave Eggar and collaborators at the Morrison Center

More info

Friday, May 6th  |  timed entry tickets


6:00pm – 8:00pm

Choreographer Savannah Dunn and visual artist Jennifer Dunn collaborate to create an immersive multimedia dance performance.

Friday, June 10th


At Surel’s Place

Here’s How to Holiday (and Win) Like a Local

Here’s How to Holiday (and Win) Like a Local


Here’s How to Holiday (and Win) Like a Local

Barbarian Brewing

Reader, you know what the holidays have become. There’s the day-after-Thanksgiving dash to big box stores, the super-quick slide into Christmas/Hanukkah/Festivus, and finally the frantic race to the New Year.

It’s all over so quickly. Where’s the joy? Where’s the time for fun, for creating little moments that add up to big memories? This year, slow your roll and allow the season to surprise you. Here in Garden City, we take the art of getting off the beaten path seriously. Here’s how we’re inviting you to set a new holiday pace that will fill your cup (in some instances, quite literally) and leave you feeling refreshed and ready once you head back to real life in January.


Shop Local

Big box holiday shopping might be second only to football when it comes to winter contact sports. If you skipped the crowds during 2020 by shopping online, take note: Experts — and businesses themselves — are predicting big backlogs and shipping delays. Instead of biting your nails and hoping your package will arrive on time, why not shop Small Business Saturday in Garden City? The annual Buy Idaho Holiday Market will feature handmade and unique gifts from more than 100 local makers, including specialty food items, glass art, handmade wooden gifts, one-of-a-kind illustrations, beautiful jewelry, and so much more!

Can’t make it to Small Business Saturday? No problem. Check out our guide to artists and makers in Garden City — many of them are ramping up production for the holidays and taking orders now.

Barbarian Brewing

Fill Your Cup

The breweries and wineries that line our famous Craft Beverage Corridor have plenty of ways to sip your way into the holiday spirit. Telaya Wine Co. is offering two Telaya Design events that will tap into your creative side: a Thanksgiving Centerpiece class on Nov. 22 and a Holiday Wreath Making class on Nov. 28 and Dec. 1. Cinder plans on hosting an Ugly Sweater Party in December, while Powderhaus Brewing Company is going all out with its European-style Weihnachtsmarkt (Christmas Market) Nov. 26-28. Craft Beverage Corridor businesses are offering more events every day, so be sure to check the website of your favorite maker. (Bonus tip: Wine and beer club memberships make fantastic gifts, too.)

Western Collective

Ski and Stay

Yes, it’s too cold to float or surf Garden City’s star attraction, the Boise River. But when the snow starts to fly, locals switch gears by heading up the hill to Bogus Basin Ski Resort. Savvy locals and out-of-towners know the best way to enjoy a day of hassle-free skiing or snowboarding is by making basecamp in Garden City at the Riverside Hotel. Not only does it offer easy access to Bogus Basin, but a treat awaits weary muscles after a long day on the slopes: The hotel’s outdoor pool is heated to a soothing 100 degrees in the winter. Want it even hotter? Try the nearby hot tub and soak any lingering aches away.

You can check out even more ideas to add stress-less fun back into your holiday schedule by visiting the Things to Do section of our website. And don’t forget to enter your chance to win a restful weekend with our Holiday Like a Local contest!

Barbarian Brewing

Art Is the Heart of Garden City

Art Is the Heart of Garden City


Art Is the Heart of Garden City

Murals, art benches, galleries … Garden City isn’t just a haven for artists, it’s a must-see destination for art lovers. From the artist studios and craft beverage makers featured on the Garden City Artisans Pathway Map to the public art works and galleries listed below, you’ll discover more than enough creativity to fuel a weekend in the city.


Garden City


The vestiges of the city’s industrial past offer the perfect canvas for muralists. From homages to the city’s past to inspirational messages, the murals of Garden City offer colorful pops of public art in unexpected places.

Above, Below, and On Glenwood Street

Three murals can be found near Glenwood Street. The Airplane Mural, painted on the south side of the Signs by Smith Building at 4747 N. Glenwood, depicts several of the U.S. Airforce jets you might see in the sky overhead. A trio of works — the Fishing Mural, the River Rafting Mural, and the Cyclist Mural, all under the Glenwood Bridge — depict some of the most popular Boise River activities in vibrant color. Garden City’s newest mural is located at Ironwood Bar & Grill at 5467 N. Glenwood and depicts iconic signs and sights of the city.

44th Street

Hunters, set amidst an autumnal landscape, set out to bag deer in the Hunter Mural at the Boise Hunter Education Center, 109 W. 44th Street. Over at 107 E. 44th Street, across from Cinder Wines, the iconic Garden City Postcard Mural offers a colorful crash course in history to visitors exiting the tasting room.


A Garden of Creativity, featuring larger-than-life flora and fauna in can’t-miss-it splashes of color, graces the back of Cobby’s Sandwich Shop at 4348 Chinden Boulevard.

42nd Street

The Be Great Mural, with its helping hands and powerful message, serves as a constant reminder for the kids attending the Boys & Girls Club of Ada County at 610 E. 42nd Street. Note: The mural has recently been covered by the new cafeteria



Garden City’s SITy Benches public arts project is inspired by a treasure trove of leafy spaces, including a number of parks and the Greenbelt. Garden City kicked off the project in 2019 — the first of its kind in the Treasure Valley — by choosing five artists to design and fabricate art benches. So far, eight artists have created seven site-specific benches that range from the sculptural to the playful, with more to come. Finding them is the perfect pastime for a lazy Sunday (with plenty of rest breaks included).

Five benches have been installed with more to come, visit the Garden SITy Art Bench Project to learn more.

Heron Park,
3858 Reed Street

Here, you’ll discover two SITy benches by Ken McCall that draw on the beauty of the Boise River. A colorful, larger-than-life heron and cattails bookend the aptly-named Heron Bench. Nearby, a sculptural swirl of blue waves rises toward the sky while a green leaf provides a seat on the River Throne, a perch worthy of a river nymph.

Nature Path near Riverside Pond

The silver Above and Below, by Claire Remsberg and Nicole McDonald, is silhouetted with the many animals that scurry about the earth along the river and swoop in the skies above. The greenish-blue tones of Lazy River, by Russ and Adele Lewis of Touch of Glass, nearly blend into the trees and shrubs that line the river. But take a closer look and you’ll discover glass inlays, including charming green fish.

Mystic Cove Park,
4750 Mystic Cove Way

As the owner and designer at Studio 1212, Derek Hurd has more than a little experience creating eye-catching furniture. But his Blue Bench is a standout: Bright blue and angular, it serves as a frame for the surrounding landscape.


Reham Aarti’s Greenbelt Sherbet, located at the end of 50th Street, is as colorful as its eponymous namesake — a kaleidoscope of mosaiced glass and tile painstakingly placed along its sofa-like lines. Trio, by artist and blacksmith Susan Madasci, stretches the limits of what a bench is. Its cluster of leaf-like structures beckons climbing kids and face-to-face conversations alike. You can find it at East 40th Street and the Greenbelt.

Garden City


The Visual Arts Collective

The Visual Arts Collective

The Visual Arts Collective is part music venue, part gallery, part theatre, part bar — and over the years it has become one of the most lively and interesting places to experience the arts in the Treasure Valley. The VAC is currently closed due to the pandemic, but you can help ensure that it’s back in full force in 2021 by contributing to Love Letters for the VAC.

Surel's Place

Surel’s Place

Surel’s Place is the home of the late artist Surel Mitchell, who championed Garden City as a haven for makers and artists. Her custom-built house is now a residence for a rotating cast of musicians and artists who create inspired works in the space. Although in-house events are off the table for now, you can check out online lectures or visit Hallie Maxwell’s installation Reviresco. Reviresco is an interactive piece housed in the Green Box, a World War II mobile field office, that will run from November 2020 to March 2021. Viewers will have access to paper and instructions so they can create paper cranes that will fill the Green Box and serve as mementos of healing during the pandemic. Check for updates, including online crane-making demonstrations, on the organization’s Facebook page.

The Surel Mitchell

Live-Work-Create District

In 1998, artist Surel Mitchell built a home in Garden City and changed the trajectory of the city’s future. Her home was a place to live and to create and share her art, and she began advocating for Garden City as a location where other artists could build the same lifestyle. She served on Garden City’s Planning & Zoning Commission and the city’s first Arts Commission and championed the idea of a “live, work, create” district.

In 2006, the Garden City Council formally approved the creation of the district between 32nd and 37th streets on either side of Chinden Boulevard. After Mitchell’s passing in 2011, the council named the Surel Mitchell Live-Work-Create District in her honor.

After Mitchell’s death, her friends and family transformed her Garden City home into Surel’s Place, a non-profit artist-in-residence program that attracts artists from around the nation and the world.

The Surel Mitchell Live-Work-Create District
is a neighborhood like no other. Its many features include:

What’s your favorite spot to check out local art in Garden City? Give us your recommendations in the comments below.

The Gift Giver’s Guide to Garden City

The Gift Giver’s Guide to Garden City


The Gift Giver’s Guide to Garden City

Garden City is a haven for artists and makers — which makes it a one-stop shop for savvy holiday gift-givers! From beautifully made baubles to bottles of brews, we’ve rounded up the best places to score a one-of-a-kind gift for just about every person on your list.

With so much to see (and shop) this holiday season, why not make a weekend of it? The Riverside Hotel is offering a Warm Up to Winter Package that’s perfect for the occasion, including a Signature Breakfast, cozy robes and slippers, and a $50 food and beverage card. Plus, you’ll get access to the hotel’s spacious 98-degree pool — heated sustainably with off-grid excess power — and the socially-distanced deck. Be sure to ask for the package by name when making your reservation.

After a heady day of lounging and browsing, be sure to check out Christmas in Color at Expo Idaho, which will set the night sky ablaze with 1.5 million (yes, million!) lights. All you need to participate in this mile-long drive-through tour is your trusty vehicle. Tune in to the Christmas in Color radio station to enjoy a synchronized music-and-light show featuring a wonderland of giant candy canes, snowmen, and dazzling decorative arches. You need just one $30 ticket per vehicle to experience this sparkling show, which runs from Nov. 20-Jan. 3.

Now, are you ready to find the perfect gift? Let’s dive in!



Sustainably Stylish

Fluff Hardware

Fluff Hardware features of-the-moment designs crafted with hammered metal, chunky crystals, delicate chains, and stamped cuffs. Order online, catch them at one of their many holiday craft appearances, or book a stamped jewelry class and make your own gift!

Garden City Projects

Garden City Projects offers sculptural, modern takes on jewelry — exactly the sort of pieces your college-age niece or minimalist girlfriend would sport regularly. Pair a set of earrings with one of their glass trays for the ultimate cool-girl gift.

Foster Weld

For a gift that will last for decades to come, check out Fosterweld. The artisans at metalworking shop craft everything from bottle openers to belt buckles, keychains to custom vintage-style signs. Have an idea? Bring it to the shop (operating by appointment only) for a one-of-a-kind gift, or check out their online store.


Boutique Enthusiast

Suzanne Fluty Designs

Each Suzanne Fluty Designs ceramic piece is both down-to-earth and elegant, with washes of soft color and earth-inspired art. Choose a gorgeous mug as a lovely gift for the hard-working teacher who has been surviving Zoom classes on endless cups of coffee.

Lala's Fresh Pots

If you’ve never seen an agatewear design — one that mimics the fluid layers and swirls of its namesake rock — you’re in for a treat. Lala’s Fresh Pots specializes in this unique look (check out maker Kayla Morgan’s could-have-fooled-you agatewear earrings, too).


Art Collector

Zion Warne

For more than 20 years, Zion Warne has been at the vanguard of the Treasure Valley glass scene. He’s known for his swirling layers of colorful glass — but don’t overlook his special holiday-themed collection featuring sunglass-sporting snowmen, hand-blown ornaments, and blue-and-green pine trees.

Stover Glass

Museum-worthy vessels, delicate earrings, display-worthy glasses … they’re all available at the Stover Glass online shop. Artist Lisa Stover’s covetable creations are the result of 25 years’ worth of exploration into what glass can do (and at prices ranging from $25 to $300+, there’s something for every budget). 

Betsie Richardson

Artist Betsie Richardson’s oil paintings reflect big landscapes and little moments. You can pick up anything from stickers to holiday cards to gallery-worthy prints at her Etsy shop, or make a private studio appointment with the artist — Richardson takes commissions.

Madasci Studios

Artist and blacksmith Susan Madasci, founder of Madasci Studios, creates vessels that seem pieced together by invisible thread and colorful sculptures that appear to defy gravity. Whether you purchase from her online shop or choose something that’s made to order, you can be sure you’re gifting something that’s one of a kind.


Vintage Enthusiast

Studio 1212

Looking for something that’s truly unique? Go vintage — or vintage-inspired, like the handcrafted furniture at Studio 1212 that draws on the clean, futuristic lines of mid-century modern design.

Ricochet Home Consignment

Ricochet Home Consignment offers a doubletrack of goods, decor and clothing, including items from screen legend Maureen O’Hara’s estate.

Estate Sales Outlet

You’ll discover a wide range of treasures, from collectibles to antique silverware, at the Estate Sales Outlet Shop, which houses overflow from the business’s frequent events.

Assistance League Thrift Shop

Your gift will do double good at the Assistance League Thrift Shop, where proceeds from sales help to fund nine philanthropic programs.

Eclectic curio

The offerings at Eclectic Curio are as wide-ranging as the shop’s name implies — browse here for handmade ornaments and carefully curated vintage finds.


Beer & Cider Buddy

Garden City’s Craft Beverage Corridor offers a bonanza of gifts for the tipplers on your list. Tap into Powderhaus Brewing Company, County Line Brewing, Western Collective (which also sells a limited selection of house-made wine), Crooked Fence Brewing Co., Barbarian Brewing, and Meriwether Cider for bottles, cans, and growlers of the best brews in the state.

Powderhaus Brewing Company

County Line Brewing

Western Collective

Barbarian Brewing

Meriwether cider


Wine Sipper

Of course, the Craft Beverage Corridor isn’t limited to beer alone. Garden City’s fantastic wines are racking up honors — and you will, too, with the gift of a wine club subscription or a coveted bottle or four. Check out Cinder Wines, Split Rail Winery, Telaya Wine Co., Coiled Wines, Potter Wines, or Par Terre Winery.

Cinder Wines

split rail

Telaya Wine Co.

Coiled Wines

Potter Wines

Par Terre Winery


DIY Gifter

Quilt Expressions

What could be more meaningful — especially this year — than making your own gift? Quilters flock to Garden City’s Quilt Expressions, which has an astounding 7,000+ bolts of fabric to choose from at its store, online, or for curbside pickup.

the Twisted Ewe

Yarn arts enthusiasts will find everything they need at Twisted Ewe, which features skeins of gorgeous yarn from around the world, including Noro from Japan, Gedifra from Italy, and the shop’s own in-house brand.

Twisted Kitchen

If whipping up 500 cookies is more your style, head to the Twisted Kitchen next door and rent its fully-stocked commercial kitchen. It comes equipped with a convection oven, a spacious prep kitchen, massive fridges and freezers, and much more.

The Potter's Center

The Potter’s Center offers group and one-on-one classes for budding ceramicists and a range of beautiful supplies and tools for those who already know their way around a wheel.

Quality Art

Your artistic friend (or your elementary-age child) will appreciate a gift certificate or kit from Quality Art School & Art Supply, which stocks everything from Bob Ross kits to reams of colorful kraft paper and kid-friendly washable tempera paints.


To create a truly weird and wonderful gift, head to the Reuseum. This electronics supply and surplus store has a charmingly unpredictable stash of finds ranging from lab equipment to spare circuit boards that the tech-savvy and mechanically handy will find inspiring.

What’s your favorite place to shop in Garden City? Give us your recommendations in the comments below.

Murals and Benches

Murals and Benches


Murals and Benches

Want to See Art in Garden City? Just Look Around.

Garden City has earned a rep as a haven for artists, so it’s no surprise that their work is tucked throughout the city — all you have to do is keep an eye out for these unexpected delights.

Each artwork has been created by artists with ties to the area, and each reflects an aspect of life in Garden City. Walk along an Osage Street alley in front of Cinder Wines and you’ll stumble upon a bigger-than-life postcard of the Chinese gardens that once filled the land by the river. An angular, bright-blue bench on the Greenbelt seems a bit out of place … until you realize it offers two “frames” of the Boise River and the sunny sky overhead.

The city’s public art benches are the brainchild of the Garden City Arts Commission. The Garden City Arts Commission revealed the first four benches in 2019 and plans to add another five in the near future.


Of course, you don’t have to randomly stumble upon these works of art. Take a self-guided art tour by visiting the following locations:

  • Heron Bench, Heron Park, 3858 Reed Street
  • Greenbelt Sherbet, end of 50th Street on the Greenbelt
  • Blue Bench, Mystic Cove Park on the Greenbelt
  • Trio, E. 40th Street and the Greenbelt
  • “Underneath” located at Riverside Park at Glenwood & Riverside Dr
  • Airplane Mural, Signs by Smith Building, 4747 N. Glenwood Street
  • Be Great Mural, Boys & Girls Club of Ada County, 610 E. 42nd Street
  • Hunter Mural, Boise Hunter Education Center, 109 W. 44th Street
  • Fishing Mural, under Glenwood Bridge
  • River Rafting Mural, under Glenwood Bridge
  • Garden City Postcard Mural, across from Cinder Wines, 107 E. 44th Street
  • A Garden of Creativity, back of Cobby’s Sandwich Shop, 4348 Chinden Boulevard

Don’t forget that you can explore even more of Garden City’s amazing, living art heritage through our Artisans Pathways map.