Hello Spring!

by | Mar 6, 2023 | Family, Recreation, Spotlight

Dogs and their people at a dog-friendly restaurant or business

March is here, and you know what that means… The warm weather is finally upon us. The season is here, so grab an allergy pill and soak in the sun. While you’re at it, take yourself out to Garden City to enjoy some activities that’ll surely get you out of your winter gloom.

You’re not alone in the gloom, your dog has been feeling it too, and they’re patiently waiting for the moment the spring sun arrives, and they’ll grab their leash and take you to Garden City themselves. Here are some places that are dog friendly so you and your best friend can enjoy the day together!



This is Garden City and Boise’s best neighborhood brewery! Not only because they have some of the best beer in town but because they want you and your dog to come and enjoy a drink! They have a great patio that’s heated in the winter, and your dog can even take a stroll inside if they’d like! If you and your friends have dogs, it is highly recommended to grab a beer and be with your friends, and your dog can be with theirs! Best of both worlds if you ask me. There’s one located on Idaho and 28th and one on Chinden, both close and convenient!


outside of Clairvoyant building
Bella Mosaica

Companions Dog Resort

Here is your dog’s home away from home! This boutique dog resort focuses on the best care and even better service for you and your dog! Companions Dog Resort makes sure that your dog is in the safest and best hands being cared for individually. If you’re looking for some training or for your pal to learn some extra behavioral skills, professionals are there to give you the best experience and results into putting your best friend in tip top shape! Along with their training, let your dog engage in the best part of socializing and make some new friends and have the time of their lives while you’re at work or on vacation! Check out their website for more information on pricing for daycares or boarding, and more.

Companions dog resort

Dog Retreat Center

This retreat spot is the best of the best to get your dog acting their best! The Dog Retreat Center is the one stop to all your needs regarding taking care of your best friend. Puppy school, you got it they’ve got training to make sure your pal acts their best! Daycare for the days they want to hang out with their friends, and boarding for your dog to have a vacation while you do! If you have any questions about their methods or services check out their website or call to ask. Their philosophy is to practice mindfulness and good behavior in your dog, which honestly could be a great place for humans too right?

dog retreat center art mural
five different dogs hanging out on the lawn


This is the leading destination for your dog for daycare, boarding or, hear this… spa services. Bring your dog to be pampered! I’m talking cucumbers on the eyes, massage, everything you wish you could get for a price like this. Your dog will be feeling squeaky clean and smelling fresh for you on his way out! Dogtopia of Boise-Greenbelt understands that your dog is a member of the family. Your dog will feel safe and relaxed over here, and make so many new friends!

australian shepherd close up
side view of australian shepherd
dogtopia daycare boarding and spa
dog bath inside dogtopia
dog treat vending machine at dogtopia

Green Belt

I can guarantee you, if dogs could talk, they’d say “please please please take me to the greenbelt.” There are other dogs to say hi to in passing and water that I know your dog cannot resist jumping into for a quick cool off. Bring a ball, bring a frisbee, or just bring your running sneakers and take you and your dog for a day outside enjoying what Garden City has to offer. The Greenbelt runs all the way through, so you can really see a lot just following the path.

walking dog with coat on the greenbelt
dog without leash on the greenbelt
snow on the green belt

Idaho Dog Park

One of the best spots to bring your friend is the Idaho Dog Park! Voted the #1 best doggie daycare and boarding facility in Boise and Garden City! This is the place to bring your dog to hang out with their friends by having a full day of playing, sleeping, and chewing on their favorite toy. If you didn’t think it’d get any better, they have a private glass cabin for your dog to sleep in and they’re soothed with meditation music to soothe them after a long day running around! And there’s webcams! And if you’re thinking about your dog a little extra at work, pop on and check out their webcam! You can see your dog having the time of their life! Check out their website for more information on boarding and daycare services!

Berserker Strength and Conditioning, Garden City, Idaho
dog on a slide
eleven dogs hanging out at Idaho dog park
close up of two dogs at Idaho dog park

Push and Pour

Take you and your best friend out for a walk and stop for a cup of coffee on your way! Push and Pour has the best local coffee put in the best location off of 34th street next to the greenbelt! If you’re walking by or wanting to sit inside and get some work done, you can bring your dog with you to enjoy the outdoors and the social interaction of the coffee shop environment!

push and pour
close up of dog inside push and pour