Happy New Year!

by | Jan 10, 2023 | Recreation, Spotlight

Friends working out at the gym, new year's resolution to get healthy or in shape
New Year, New You! 

Get your resolutions in order because it’s time for a brighter and better you. Find a new passion, and get excited! Garden City has tons to offer to make the new year the best one yet. 

Get active! Find new ways to move your body, and make an activity with friends or create some time for yourself for your own peace of mind. Here are some options to make it easy for you! 


Asana Climbing Gym

Try out the Asana Climbing Gym out on Glenwood! Join the climbing community and challenge yourself to a new activity if you haven’t tried it yet! They do safety courses and whether or not you’re a beginner or pro, Asana provides the space for you to learn and grow. They also offer yoga and aerial classes that complement your climbing experience where you can gain more awareness of your body and begin to build a better you! 

Asana Climbing Gym, Garden City, Idaho

Berserker Strength and Conditioning

Train your body like a warrior! At Berserker Strength and Conditioning, you can develop the perfect lifestyle change and work towards a healthier you. Their locations are open 24/7 so that whenever you need, they’re open for your convenience. You can register for a preview pass and you can get your first workout for free! On top of that, if you’re visiting, or have a membership to another gym already, you can drop in for only $10 and get a good workout in and see what you think! Check out their website if you need any more information or want to start a membership with them!
Berserker Strength and Conditioning, Garden City, Idaho

Crown Performance

If you’re looking for a new place to workout, Crown Performance is the place for you. Build a more confident, energetic and successful version of yourself by looking here to get your own unique customized plan built just for you. Even if you have a busy schedule, Crown Performance will plan around and find a perfect time for you. You can get a free intro at the Crown and after that you can create a membership to take that step towards a healthier you. 
Crown Performance, Garden City, Idaho


Make use of our amazing green belt! A 28 mile stretch goes all the way through Boise and Garden City, and offers an incredible view of the Boise River all throughout the town. The options are endless on the greenbelt to run, walk, bike, rollerblade, the world’s your oyster. But along the way, Garden City offers a little scavenger hunt for you on the way if you need an extra push of encouragement or sleuthing. Local artists all around town have gotten together to provide you with the Garden SITy Art Bench Project for your own enjoyment when walking around the wonderful city and river. 

Boise Greenbelt, Garden City, Idaho Boise Greenbelt, Garden City, Idaho

Boise Greenbelt, Garden City, Idaho

Home Brew Stuff

Hmmm… out of all the activities and hobbies that the world has to offer, home brewing is one of the most unique and rewarding. Make your own beer, and make your own at-home pub! Home Brew Stuff has all the equipment you need to get started, and they’ll guide you through the entire process if you’re a beginner, or just the ingredients if you’re a pro. 
Homebrewstuff, Garden City, Idaho

Section 37 Axe Room

Tried Axe Throwing? I hadn’t either and it was the opportunity of a lifetime to be offered this experience to make you feel like the ultimate badass. Section 37 Axe Room is perfect for you and your friends to put your skills to the test. 

Locations | Section 37 Axe Room

Section 37 Axe Room, Garden City, Idaho

Westy’s Bowling

Friends and family night out? Or want to join a team? Westy’s Garden Lanes is the great getaway to go bowling and enjoy a night out. There’s a full pub and grill right next door, and arcade games too! For a great price and loads of fun, go out for a night of fun for one of Boise’s classic sources of entertainment since 1959. Reserve a party or just walk in, there’s room for everyone! Westys Bowling Lanes, Garden City, Idaho


Westy's Bowling Lanes, Garden City Idaho