GC Is Selfie City

by | Jun 20, 2022 | Arts and Makers, Family

Garden City is one of the most colorful spots in the state — from super-popular murals to lush riverside locations, you’ll discover an endless supply of places to snap the perfect pic. We’ve scouted the best locations for you, so all you need to do is pick your best angle and snap that selfie!

Garden SIT-y Art Benches

These benches are more than just a place to take a break from a trek down the Greenbelt. They’re actual pieces of art by some of Garden City’s most prolific makers! Each one is unique — why not try them all?

  • Heron Bench: Located in Heron Park, 3858 Reed Street
  • Greenbelt Sherbet: Located at the end of 50th Street on the Greenbelt
  • Blue Bench: Located in Mystic Cove Park on the Greenbelt
  • Trio: Located at East 40th Street and the Greenbelt
  • Underneath: Located at Riverside Park at Glenwood Street and Riverside Drive

Murals Galore

Garden City is one of the most mural-friendly places in the Treasure Valley, with more popping up every month (quite literally!).

‘The Only Constant Is Change’

This piece by OG mural team Sector 17 at 31st and Stockton Streets pays tribute to current residents while harkening back to Garden City’s agricultural roots and the early Chinese immigrants who farmed here.

Garden City Postcard Mural:

You hardly need to tag your location when you take a photo in front of this mural (but we hope you do, anyway!). This old-fashioned design looks like something your grandpa would have sent in the mail back in the ’40s. Check it out at 107 East 44th Street, right across from Cinder Wines.

Climate Resilience Murals:

These projects were created through the Garden City Placemaking Fund, a brand-new organization designed to empower new opportunities for public art and creative placemaking in Garden City. Conservation Voters for Idaho is partnering with the fund to create six original murals. The first is a dreamy, multi-toned piece by Lorelle Rau on the Coiled Wines building at 35th and Osage streets. The second, a colorful piece by artist and GCPF team member Miguel Almeida, is inspired by Mexican folk art. You can find it at Zion Warne Studios on 33rd Street and Chinden Boulevard. 


The Garden City Placemaking Fund brought together acclaimed local artists Ashley Dreyfus, Miguel Almeida, Julia Green, and James Lloyd to create this massive mural. And guess what? It’s designed specifically for selfies! Each panel is an individual scene — pick one as a backdrop or try them all, Goldilocks-style. Find “Collaboration” at 33rd and Stockton streets.

Even MORE Murals:

We’ve barely scratched the surface! Check out these other colorful mural locations in Garden City:

  • Airplane Mural: Located on the Signs by Smith Building at 4747 North Glenwood Street.
  • ‘Be Great’ Mural: Located at the Boys and Girls Club of Ada County, 610 East 42nd Street.
  • Hunter Mural: Located at the Boise Hunter Education Center at 109 West 44th Street. 
  • Fishing Mural and River Rafting Mural: Find these river-themed pieces under the Glenwood Bridge on the Greenbelt. 
  • ‘A Garden of Creativity’: Located on the back of Cobby’s Sandwich Shop at 4348 Chinden Boulevard. 

Be a Guitar Hero

The Sapphire Room at the Riverside Hotel is one of the best places to snap a music-themed selfie. If you can’t make it to one of the venue’s many stellar concerts, console yourself with a pic that includes this custom-made guitar by local legend Mark Bolin. Never heard of a Bolin guitar? You’ve probably listened to one of your favorite musicians play one. Bolin has built guitars for Keith Richards and Ronnie Wood of the Rolling Stones, Steve Miller of his namesake band, Jimmy Page of Led Zeppelin, legendary bluesman Albert King, and Bolin Guitars superfans Billy Gibbons and Dusty Hill of ZZ Top — just to name a few. 

This Must Be the Place

The permagreen wall emblazoned with a neon “This Must Be the Place” sign on the Western Collective patio has been the backdrop of so many photo shoots that it should get some sort of selfie award. It’s the perfect combo of color, texture, and lettering. Whether you come for the beer and stay for a selfie — or the other way around — you won’t want to miss this photo op.

The Stallion at Somewhere

It’s hard to explain just how iconic the bucking bronco on top of the Somewhere Bar is. This life-size horse has been a Garden City mainstay since the 1950s, when the entire log-cabin building and its accompanying steed were moved from the town of New Plymouth to the current location. Back then, it was known as the Ranch Club; over the years, the establishment has witnessed many changes. Its current iteration, Somewhere, is the area’s only gay-owned LGBTQIA+ community bar — and the ol’ bucking bronco still looks good as ever.

Out In Nature

If a vibrant, natural look is your goal, take notes. Garden City has a ton of spots that fit the bit.

The River Wave:

Yes, you can surf the Boise River here — and if you have the right equipment and a great sense of balance, you can manage to catch yourself in the act! 

From a Float:

Floating the Boise River is one of the most pleasant ways to spend a hot summer day. Why not let everyone know how much fun you’re having? Nearly any spot along the six-mile float is selfie-friendly, but do be careful and make sure you’re not in danger of running into a tree limb or about to go over one of the river’s small rapid areas. 

In Your Waders:

The Boise River’s depth is low enough that you can easily take a pic in the middle of the river while casting a line. Extra points if you snag a selfie with your catch of the day. 

On a Ride:

Take your bike for a spin along the Greenbelt and you’ll encounter endless opportunities for great photos, from the murals underneath the Glenwood Bridge to wild roses in bloom to the shady parks that line the pathway. 

Pollinator Garden:

The Garden City Pollinator Habitat doesn’t just attract bees — it’s also an awesome photo site. This vibrant garden starts blooming in late March and continues through the summer. 

Out at the Ballgame

The Boise Hawks are the area’s only professional baseball team, and each short-season game is packed with so many great photo ops that it’s hard to narrow them down. Will you take a selfie while noshing on a giant turkey leg from the concession stand, with a player, or while trying to capture the mayhem of the mid-game tots vs. fries vs. baked potato race (hard to explain, hilarious to watch)? Bonus points if you can take your pic during one of the post-game Friday Fireworks shows!

At the Fair and Expo

Expo Idaho is a sprawling venue that plays host to a dizzying array of events — everything from gem shows to concerts to auto extravaganzas! Check out the schedule and start planning your selfie opportunity. Of course, if you’re looking for an all-American photo op, you can always count on the Western Idaho Fair. This huge event has all the classic features you expect from a fair: a Ferris wheel and heart-stopping rides, adorable animals, antique tractors, a jam-packed fairway, and huge concerts. The 2022 fair will run from August 19-28, so you’ll have plenty of chances to add to your photo album and Reels!

And, of course … 

Let the fam know where you’re at with a pic by one of the colorful Welcome to Garden City signs!