Fall in Love with February!

by | Feb 6, 2023 | Arts and Makers, Recreation

Celebrating the arts in February with Garden City Visitors Bureau
This month, we’re celebrating the arts! Find opportunities to unleash your creativity, and stop by some local businesses to try something new. 

Garden City offers the supplies, the resources and the places to explore your passions and hobbies, or learn from the pros. 


Bella Mosaica

If you’re looking to try something completely new but with a twist head over to Bella Mosaica to get classes and learn from the best on how to create a project that’s perfect for your home or even as a gift! You can receive a free lesson taught by teachers and staff! How could you possibly see no? You don’t need a reservation, and you can walk in anytime to create your masterpiece! Head over on your off-day, or even for an afternoon of fun with your friends! Make it an adventure to create the perfect piece for you. 


Bella Mosaica
Bella Mosaica

Eclectic Curio

If you want to find some really unique staples for your home, check out the Eclectic Curio! They have a bunch of antiques and one-of-a-kind pieces just for you. They have a great selection of anything you could possibly need for decoration or accessories! Right on Glenwood, as you pass by for any event, stop in and find something that’s unique to you, and for a great price! 

Their social media has a lot of information on new arrivals and inventory, so be sure to follow them and check out their page to see what they’ve got! 

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/eclecticcurio1/

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/eclectic.curio/?hl=en

eclectic curio
inside of eclectic curio

Quality Art

If you’re just getting started with your art journey, or if you’re in the middle of a huge project, check out Quality Art! They have a great location in the heart of Garden City, and they have all the materials you might need at a great price. What started out as a business for canvases, has become a whole warehouse full of any tools you might need to be the best artist you can be. Check out their website for price estimates and products or call  if you have any questions! They have some art experts  who can point you in the right direction. 

The Creative Space

If you’re wanting to find a venue to conduct your own artistic  events, The Creative Space is perfect for you! It’s a multipurpose space that’s designed to host live theater performances, art exhibits, acoustic concerts, non-profit benefits and private events! 5,000 square feet designed to suit your needs! 
the creative space
the creative space

Recycled Minds Comedy

What do you call an ant who fights crime? A vigilANTe! 

If you were already at the Creative Space, hang out a little longer to watch a show! If you need a laugh, or want to learn how to do stand up comedy and interactive performances? This place is perfect for you. Recycled Minds Comedy offers so many opportunities to watch or be part of a show! Even if you don’t want to perform, you can learn how to build more self confidence and work on your communication skills and practice improv! Comedy is a special kind of art, because it’s the vocal ability to engage with an audience, while getting an audible reaction at the same time. I love comedy, and I don’t think anyone can have too much laughter in their lifetime, so get your laugh going, or learn how to  create a laugh over here! 

recycled minds comedy

The Merq

Like to design or need a new statement piece for your home? The Merq is the perfect place to find those hidden treasures and unique pieces out of a worldwide collection! Their inventory constantly changes so there’s always a chance for you to find the perfect gem for you. One-stop-shop for all things vintage! 
inside of merq- knick knacks
inside of merq- signage knick knacks
merq holiday outside store front

The Potter’s Center

Need some new bowls, mugs, cups, plates, or whatever your heart desires? Clay is the perfect way to mold your necessities with your own personal twist! The Potter’s Center has everything you need to get your journey started. You can book a class to learn how to throw on the wheel or hand build, and you can get all the tools you might need if you want to work on something at home! Don’t wait too long though, spots in those classes  book fast!
The potters center
the inside of the potters center with art supplies on the wall
art supplies on the wall at the potter's center

The ReUse Market

Thrifting for art supplies? Count me in! The ReUse Market is home to clean reusable arts & craft materials that are put out for artists like you! Their goal is to keep those supplies and give them to people who are able to repurpose them into beautiful works of art instead of taking up space at the landfill. Art can be in any form, and creativity is never limited. The ReUse market also offers resources  for teachers to use in their classrooms so they don’t extend their budgets! 

the reuse market

Twisted Ewe, A Yarn Shop

The Twisted Ewe is a great place to explore a new hobby! All the tools you need for knitting, drop spinning, macrame, etc are all available here for you! They accommodate all beginners and expert crocheters, and supply all kinds of yarn made from natural fibers that will make sure your creations will last a lifetime. You can take a virtual tour online to check out what they have, or just stop by the store and stroll around to find what you’d like! 

Also check out their social media, on facebook or Instagram @twistedewe for weekly newsletters and more information on what they have to offer!

Twisted Ewe a yarn shop

Visual Arts Collective

Looking for an art gallery and performance venue? The Visual Arts Collective is a great place to discover artistic expression and engage in interactive art! Visit their website if you want to check out their upcoming events and current exhibitions. Their social media is also a great place to check out the spotlights and art pieces they have out!

Zion Art Glass Studio

If you’re really looking for a challenge or something new to try, definitely check out zion art class! Their studio is right off the road on chinden, and their door is open! Super friendly and with an amazing exhibit to show you all that you can accomplish ! Learn from the best and make that bowl or glass or sculpture that you’ve been dying to add to your home! 

Check out their website for more information!  Zion Warne Studios – Boise

inside look of pieces at the zion art glass studio
side view angle of the inside of zion art glass studio
glassblowing studio